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  • Really impressed! My wife bought me a timbuk2 bag for xmas and after riding with it once I spotted a hole in the top of it. Gutted, I contacted CTBM and he gave me 2 options either a partial refund or send it back, pay the postage and send me a new one.

    All done without hesitation, this is the sort of service that the bike industry needs. Can't wait to commute with it tomorrow. I would highly recommend this little outfit; well done that man!

    I thought that said monger, as in….er…'special'. And I then couldn't figure out timbuk2 either.


    good luck to the pair of them and their latest venture.

    Cheers, thanks for the kind words.

    The bag with the wee hole in it is on ebay at the moment… should be a bargain for someone.

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    "Goes legit" >>>

    What was it before? Backofalorry?

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    Good service from CBM and good bag choice too – I've been commuting with my Timbuk2 for 10+ years and it's still going strong/waterproof etc.


    20 years with my Timbuk 2 and used daily for shopping and commuting. Best 40quid I ever spent.

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    7 years with my Timbuk, still in use everyday

    Charlie has never given anything but excellent service and has awesome hair 🙂

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    riding a 29er but not blowing a trumpet about it – Member
    Charlie has never given anything but excellent service and has awesome hair


    about 18months ago he sent me something out I needed in a rush and I sent him the money afterwards.

    Don't forget my extra discount and the end of next month Charlie 😉


    I spoke to CTBM a couple of days ago for the first time. Nice friendly chap. Efficient too, dealing with what I after.

    I had imagined him to be a old skool roadie turned 29er SSer, 50 with a beard in a dusty office

    Instead he sounded months younger. Probably still a 29er SSer though 😉

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    Hey Charlie and Lola, I see my chain's on the way thanks.

    … and I see you have an actual real shop that's actually there. Wow.

    Is that completely fantastic or what?

    (and am I dead jealous or what!?)



    nice to see you at the corfe tea rooms on sunday morning charlie(i was the fat one with the sc chameleon)good luck with the shop will pop in soon.

    Legit. Well when dealing purely online some suppliers are reluctant, some doors are closed, some banking facilities are unavailable. Get a shop and it reassures people, and makes business easier. I also get a great big bike den with a kick arse stereo and a coffee machine and a sofa and a dog.

    Corfe castle model village tearooms are wonderful. Good to see you too – and a chameleon a manly bike indeed.

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    Still loving my Traveller's Check from CTBM – running it as a monstercross at the mo and a real hoot!

    I've got one of those reflective ones, its great, can see it from miles away.

    Makes a great sledge too.


    Another satisfied customer, quick service etc etc, best of luck.

    I was going to put a order into Charlie because I have heard good things about him

    But I had to wait till the next day for a reply to a email I sent on sunday tut tut 😉

    Just put my order in ( 2 days later 😳 )


    and if you're coming to the SSEC in April Charlie will be there mongering about in the corner with a skinfull 😉


    yup thanks to him I could put a "fun between my legs" sticker on the SO bike he he he

    yep cracking service from the monger

    Thank you

    He's a nice man. And he have me a sticker for my bike. It reads:

    "This machine kills fascists"

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    if only he wasn't already married….. 🙁


    Slight hijack … on the Fresh Goods Friday page someone (andypaice ?) suggested using the CTBM bottle opener headset spacer as a battery mount. Anybody actually tried that, sounds like a brilliant idea ?


    I still remember the bizarrely attired guy used an image for an innertube advert on the bay…. 🙂

    Whereabouts is the shop Charlie, Swanage way?

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