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  • Anyone bought one of these?

    I’m on the lookout for a slim-fit suit, not ultra-slim, but nicely fitted and these look pretty good on the website (but then, they always do!).

    Any other ideas around the £300 price range? I want to try the Austen Reed AR Red/contemporary fit range, but they only seem to have them in the London branches.


    Don’t buy without trying. Just don’t.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    I bought the slim fit and they were like a tent on me, so they were posted back

    trywhitts have shops where you can try ones on, the ultra slim (tailored) are fine for those who don’t carry any spare timber – only problem is that the sale ones left are gross patterns

    I bought a slim fit suit from topman. Think it was about £100, fits like a charm.

    Try a few on I guess.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I ended up with a suit from Howicks at House of Fraser, £280 and fits really well. I’ve got some Tyrwhitt ‘slim fit’ shirts, and they’re nowhere near as slim as Next, which would make me think their suits wouldn’t be ideal otherwise if you’re actually slim.

    Cheers for the replies guys. I’m 6’0, 40 inch chest, 32 inch waist and bang on 12 stone so whilst not a total racing snake, I still find that most suits are too boxy on me.

    Think I’ll go up to London next weekend and look in Reiss, Austen Reed and some other places.


    so they were posted back

    buying suits mail order = fail

    Some things should not be bought unseen.


    I have similar measurements & find that a few of the M&S suits fit well enough & are reasonably priced – the Marble Arch store should have the complete range.

    Yes, haven’t ruled out M&S either…I have a nice navy suit with subtle pinstripes from their Autograph range, I bought it about 5 years ago and the trousers seem really baggy on me now. I think it’s just that I’ve started wearing slimmer/more fitted clothing since I bought it.


    That said, the Tyrwhitt shirts I bought a few weeks back fit me perfectly, lovely things they are.

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    I’m similar frame – found the ‘tailored’ ultra slim fit shirts from tyrwhitts a pretty good fit, if a touch boxy. Would imagine suits would have a similar fit, i’d be tempted to try one of their cheaper suits out at the sale prices but I wasn’t very impressed by the longevity of their shirts, I only got a couple of years out of them. Don’t forget to buy a 2nd pair of trousers!

    I’d be thinking about

    Fitted in a hotel room, expect a handmade suit to appear a few weeks later. Will cost between £3-500.

    Which ones were those samuri, the ‘slim’ ones? I need some new shirts too and Tyrwhitt always seem to have good multibuy offers on. Slim fitting shirts are a nightmare to find, the ones at Austen Reed were huge!


    the CT extra slim fitting are……….. not very slim fitting!


    M&S sartorial suits are hard to beat for value for money. If you can get one that fits alright from an outlet and have it altered to fit you better (c.£25-30) that would probably land you at the nexus of fit, quality and price.

    Rob Hilton

    Listen to mafiafish, he speak truth.

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