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  • edlong

    Not recent, but when I was at university I found a stack of 1950s New Yorker magazines in Oxfam for 10p each. They’d been well read and the covers were all really tatty, but many of the pages inside were still in decent condition.

    I bought the lot and my housemate, who was a bit of an amateur Lovejoy, sliced the many full page adverts for chromed and finned American cars, stuck them in cheap frames, and sold them at his local antiques centre for a tenner each.

    A few years ago got a Musto sailing jacket, propper MPX one, for a tenner!

    It was so good I’m tempted to go out and spend my own money on a replacement, well I would if they weren’t £400!


    Last 3 years or so:
    Arcteryx as new gamma jacket £5
    Patagonia pro shell £8 as new
    Mountain hardwear waterproof down coat £6 minty
    Tnf down gilet £3.50
    Spesh sworks jmc era winter jacket £2.00 mint
    Just yesterday; endura mt500 half zip.
    All in my size!


    Some old grey y-fronts with minimal skids for 5p..


    661 pro race knee/shin pads bnwt for £15
    Mint sauce bike top for 75p (when I had just sold one the same on ebay for over £40)


    Lucky enough to find a gore bike wear jacket in my size today. Absolutely mint. In yellow with a hood and a little tail that drops down to cover my arse when it’s wet. Chucked it in the wash and it looks as new. And the best part, it was five dollars. Can’t find anything on the net relating to it but nevertheless I’m pretty chuffed with it.

    Have you found any bargains recently?

    the hustler

    mini antique opera telescope, bought £10 sold on ebay for £175


    Most of my wardrobe…

    In fact, shirt,pinafore dress, belt that im wearing now all from charity shops I think in goal paid about £30 for the entire outfit

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I bought a Yamaha SG guitar for £50… Sold it for several times that, felt guilty and ended up making a donation to save my immortal soul 🙄

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    khani – Member
    Some old grey y-fronts with minimal skids for 5p..

    Don’t buy. Make your own. Much more satisfying and let’s you join in the new fashion for arts and crafts…

    Premier Icon robh

    I want to know where Tang’s charity shop is I never find decent outdoors stuff.

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