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  • Charge Spoon Ti – Worth it over the Cromo?
  • GW

    no – Ti rails always snap

    Premier Icon jim

    Looking at getting a new saddle for my PA, aside from the inconsequential 18g weight loss is the Ti railed version worth the extra £15?


    Not really but £15 extra isn’t bad.

    Never had ti rails snap on me.


    I think the cover is leather as opposed to faux leather on the ti, and a bit more tidily attched to the base. But then my stapled cromo ones have not come undone in 2 years use.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Apparently it’s a bit more comfy, the rails give a bit more flex. You might want to check out the Knife as well, it’s a lighter saddle- less shaping, less padding, and ti rails- but I find it almost as comfortable as my cromo Spoon.

    Premier Icon DaveBro

    No – i paid more and got the ti, it looks and feels no different – so you dont even get ‘bling’ value!


    Wouldn’t bother myself.

    I’ve had 2 cromo spoons and they’re great, only changed the one on my Nicolai as it the brown didn’t look right and the black looked even worse!!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Sorry, got to buck the trend here chaps…
    My Ti is more comfy than the Cro-Mo.
    Maybe its because I’m on the rotund side but the Ti is better for me.
    And its leather.

    Either way a brilliant saddle & way way more comfy than its look would suggest.


    nope I’ve got one of each and couldn’t tell the difference
    only got the ti as it was all that was about at the time

    Vote here for the Knife. Ti rails, thinner hull and not Leather, cheaper too. its a win-win.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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