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  • prezet

    I found the Knife to be very comfy – but has more flex than the Spoon. I ended up cracking the base on my Knife sadly.

    Hmmm flexy like a fizik gobi flexy? I’ve cracked one of them before on the base due to it not bring stiff enough!

    May just stick with the spoon for now then

    Any thoughts there always seem to be loads of charge saddles out and about riding , somebody must have used both?

    My gobi has broke (on my 3rd one now!) , I’ve always had a spare charge spoon for emergencys and I rode on it today it’s comfy enough but it feels a bit big on my skimpy botty the shape/ size of the gobi, not that the spoon isn’t ok but I’m led to believe the knife would probably suit a skimpy bottom? I’ve gone off the gobi it’s to flexy and feels too much like an armchair

    Today’s ride with the spoon felt right, other than the size it’s a nice hard saddle etc

    So will the knife be a similar size to a gobi but still have the firmness of a spoon?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got Knives on most of my bikes, favourite saddle… Found the Spoon a bit wide and too shaped, the Knife’s skinnier and a bit flatter at the back. Fits me like a bum glove.

    But it’s all fit rather than better/worse.

    NW – that sounds exactly like me, the spoon just seems a bit too wide for me but I love the stiffness of it over a gobi!

    Out of interest how much do you weigh and build? I’m 11 stone 6ft and skinny framed /arsed! So I’m hoping the knife is the slim mans version of the spoon 😉

    Premier Icon mattjg

    I found the Knife too harsh, sold it. Have Spoons on both bikes, they work well for me.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I weigh 10 stone and I’m about as wide as a gnat’s knob 😆 They’re not that stiff, mind- little padding, but the hull and rails are designed to flex a bit.

    I’m liking the harsh seat post, the spoon to me is much harder than the gobi so if the knife is similar to the spoon but slimmer profile then it should be just the ticket!


    I’ve got both. A Spoon on my jump / mucking about bike because its cheap so I won’t get upset when it gets broken. It’s OK, but I don’t think it’s all that comfy; for me it’s too padded and too wide.

    I’ve got the Knife on my main bike and its OK. It’s still a bit wide for me. I’m heavier than Northwind and the OP but reckon the comfiest saddle I’ve ever had is my I- Fly which I can’t use any more due to having a Reverb. My biggest issue with the Knife is that for the money the saddle is poor quality. The leather on my first one just split no crash damage and its replacement one is wearing badly and has started to creak. The finishing of the leather on the underside of both the Knife saddles I’ve has has been poor too with bits unglued, poor trimming.

    Once it dies totally, I’ll replace it with a Ti-Fly. I can forgive the Spoon some of these failings because its less than twenty quid on a fifty five quid saddle I don’t think it’s good enough.

    cheers mindmap, was after a bit more info so appreciate that

    seems strange the wear thing, as the spoon ive had for a few years (as a spare thats still had a fair bit of use) still looks pretty mint, guessing the knife and spoon are then built differently? the spoon looks well made and doesnt look like it would lose its covering or wear particularly quick

    fizik are shocking for wear – well the gobi is, mine started creaking so i put some lube on the rails and into the entry points, and within a week the of the bottom of the saddle cover had worked loose, glueing a saddle cover on is a shit idea IMO, it needs stitching at least! then it wore on the nose, and now if i dont spray it every other ride with gt85 etc on the saddle entry points it creaks!

    its just too flexy god knows how the larger man fairs with the gobi! ive also cracked 2 in excatly the same place, i do think they are comfy but im not massively keen on the wallowy/armchair type feel, i like a saddle to be solid and not move/flex ( a bit racy i suppose), but the winning thing of the fizik gobi xm is the shape, it suits me down to the ground, but everything else is pants about it (wear & price especially!)

    so yeah if the knife is going to be similar to the gobi in terms of creaks/wear etc then id prefer to stick with a spoon, or perhaps try yet another brand!

    can feel a new thread coming on….

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I’ve used both. Found both comfortable. My take is that the Knife is around the same shape as a Spoon, but with less padding which isn’t a bad thing. I prefer the Gobi tbh and keep going back to that. I broke the rails on a carbon-railed one, replaced with a ti version (or whatever that stuff is) by Fizik under warranty, which was cool, otherwise they’ve been fine for me for durability.

    I could probably lend you a Knife if that’s any help – you’re Manchester/Peak-ish no? – but it won’t tell you much about durability.

    I used to kill Spoons for fun in wear terms and they seem to ‘go off’ with use as well. I’m quite intrigued by the new Charge Scoop but gawd knows whether that’ll be durable or not…

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    btw, you can submit a warranty claim for a Gobi via their web site. You just send in an image of the break along with some words and they deal with it direct from Italy. I didn’t hold out much hope for my carbon-railed Gobi breakage as I’d bought it off eBay, albeit new, but there was no hassle at all. They phoned me up between Christmas and New Year, checked my address and simply sent me a new saddle. Brilliant.

    cheers BWD – yeah peak based! many emails swapped you giving me some ‘cheeky’ trails around 😉

    thanks for the offer too, ill go to the lbs at lunch see what they have to offer

    i do love the shape of the gobi, but im just not sure ill get another one, only for it to fail/break/creak/crack/cover come off etc again, i just wish the charge spoon was slimmer, id guess thats defo more designed for the larger bum, not that its that bad, or uncomfy just doesnt fit my sit bones the same i dont think

    ill try the warranty thing with fizik, worth a shot, arent they based in italy though? did you have to send the saddle to italy?

    looked at the scoop too, but again its actually been designed to flex more so than the other saddles they do, something im looking to get away from, i like the solid/rigid feel of the spoon, its way more un-forgiving (in a good way to me)

    ive spotted a sdg falcon that doesnt look to dis-similar to the gobi, but ive not seen one in the flesh to compare it to one


    Replaced my broken gobi with a spoon four years back – no regrets.

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