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  • Charge Knife Saddles???
  • Premier Icon Silverfoxjules
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    Has anyone got experience of a Charge Knife Saddle for XC riding……it looks good, price and weight look good but keen to know your thoughts before I buy!!!!

    Thanks very much – all comments appreciated!


    Premier Icon paul_m
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    I bought one a few weeks ago and so far very pleased with it. Did a 2 hour ride last weekend and didn't really notice it (which is what you want I guess)

    Premier Icon theotherjonv
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    like a Spoon in terms of its 'footprint' (arseprint, whatever) but firmer / less padding and lower profile / lighter weight.

    I like mine, I also like my Spoon

    If not sure, you could get a Spoon first to try and then move that on on the classifieds, or go the whole hog and get one and move that on if no good. There's a 'buoyant' 2nd hand market for them.

    Premier Icon sockpuppet
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    i've been wondering about how they compare to the spoon, which i love.

    Premier Icon matthew_h
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    I've been using one for a few months now after having had a Spoon for about a
    year. As theotherjonv said, the shape is the same as the Spoon but the Knife is firmer and less padded but still comfortable.

    I can definitely recommend it.

    Premier Icon Reluctant
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    Put one on my main bike just after xmas, so not long ago. So far so good though. Build quality seems ok, shape is good – if anything, it's a bit too padded for me, but maybe it'll pack down a bit.Weight is excellent as are the looks. For the money, it seems alright.

    Premier Icon DT78
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    I just picked up a ti knife from winstanleys for just over £30 which is a proper bargain. The spoon fits me very well but I was looking for a slightly lighter saddle so went for the knife. Not had a long ride on it yet but a quick 3 hour blast without padded shorts and no dramas or sore bits

    Premier Icon Rivett
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    Had one on my Heckler for six months and its spot on.

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