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  • Charge Duster geometry and sizing
  • LenHankie

    I’m looking at building up a 2011 frame, but can’t find geometry or fork length advice anywhere.

    Anyone got any idea on sizing? I’m 6ft and previously have ridden an 18″ inbred and 18″ Orange Five with plenty of post showing and 70mm stem which fitted really well. I prefer quite a low and long bike, but I’m worried the medium will be too short.

    What sizes is anyone else riding?

    Also I’m guessing the 140mm Vanillas off my Five are going to be too long…were these designed for 100mm forks?


    I’m just under 6 foot and ride a large. Pretty sure that they are designed for 100mm forks. I think you’ll find the medium a bit short as oo inbreds come up quite long.

    Premier Icon chrispo

    You’ll have to work hard to get the front low as it’s got a very long head tube – check forks have long enough steerer!

    I’m 6ft, mine’s a large, good fit, 100mm forks

    Head angle is very steep (73??)

    Raced it last year and loved it, but gone over to carbon for that and using Duster for no-fuss winter training


    Just under 6′ on a medium with 90mm stem. Designed for 100 and rides xc best at that height. Mine currently has pike uturns on it and i reckon it descends well at 140. Had mine since 2009

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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