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  • lotto

    Looking at taking our family holiday there next year. We have a 2 year old son.
    Into all outdoor related things but like nice restaurants/cafes too.
    Anyone been and could suggest places to stay, things to do etc?
    Undecided on Gurnsey or Jersey. Thinking 10 days duration self catering.
    We definitely want to go to Sark for a couple of days,is this realistic? More of a day trip thing perhaps?

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Didn’t seem like much of a destination when I went to Guernsey. Very small obviously, so not as much to do as on the mainland. Nice beaches but pretty crowded.

    I would definitely go somewhere else first.


    Jersey is by far the better choice. As with any British destination, its success will depend on the weather. If you’re lucky and its sunny Jersey beats just about any other destination on the Med. Even so, there’s plenty to do in the rain. Don’t be thinking it’s cheap though, those days are over.
    Here’s some outdoor suggestions:
    Clamber around the rocks on the N coast (they call this coasteering now), particularly east from Greve de Lecq, try swimming through the tunnel to Little Greve (take local advice)
    Walk out to Seymour Tower on a falling tide – the sea goes out for about a mile- maybe a bit like being on the moon!
    Surf at St Ouen’s bay (waves and good weather in the Summer don’t often combine though)
    Walk any stretch of the coastal path o the North coast for stunning views
    Take a Kayak tour
    Mess about in the fountains on the Waterfront near the Grand Hotel with the little un.
    Sandcastles (rain or shine)
    Take the DUWK (amphibious vehicle) to Elizabeth Castle AT HIGH TIDE
    Trip to Sark is very easy and worth the time.
    The cycling there is mostly road. Not much off road of interest.


    Went to Jersey for three days earlier this year on the way to Brittany with a five and three year old. We had some good weather and really enjoyed it and there should be enough to do for a week.

    We stayed in an SC place at St Brelade’s Bay – definitely a good place to base yourself – the beach at St Brelade’s is great as are many of the Jersey beaches.

    Premier Icon Pook

    jersey is ace. Depending on how little they are, there’s the military hospital museum which could fill a rainy couple of hours, there’s loads of war gun emplacements which would make handy play castles, and if course theres a real castle too.
    Food is cheap thanks to the tax stuff out there (we got a four person, three course dinner with wine for £60 once in st helier, and yes the beaches are ace


    As above plus go for a ferry trip to st. Malo.


    Only ever been to Alderney and I was about 12 at the time, but we stayed at Fort Clonque,a fort that’s cut off from the island at high tide. Absolutely amazing week and one of my most memorable holidays. Alderney is of course much smaller but I remember we had great fun exploring the place.

    Premier Icon camster

    Another shout out for Jersey. I’ve been going for about 16 years as my wife is from Jersey so our main summer holiday is combined with visiting family.

    The beaches are fantastic, our favourites; Greve de Lecq, St Brelades, Plemont. I’ve spent many ours digging holes and making sandcastles with my two lads, still do!

    The aMaizing Adventure Park is always goog fun. A bike ride along the front front from St Helier to St Aubin then along the old railway to Corbiere lighthouse is nice with a decent food hut along the way. You can hire bikes in town with tag a longs or kids seats. Mont Orgueil castle is good. A day trip to St Malo well worth doing. Coastal walks on the north. A trip to Jersey Zoo (now called “Durrell Wildlife”).

    Off road biking seems limited. I take my road bike and do a ride before and after a beach day out. The wife takes the kids in the car and roll up an hour or so later having taken a few wrong turns!

    I don’t know any SC accommodation options but would recommend camping at Rozel. They rent fixed tents.

    In good weather and with a 2yr old, you’ll have many happy hours at the beach I guess. In poor weather, options are limited!


    Feel the need to stick up for Guernsey (off back to the rock on the ferry tomorrow to see the family for Xmas) it’s nicer than Jersey, doesn’t have any Jersey people and generally has a more ‘small island’ feeling than Jersey.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Guernsey doesn’t have Bergerac.

    Premier Icon drbob65

    If you want shitty northern seaside town go to Jersey, if you want quiet, do Guernsey, you can then hop over to Herm/Sark, if you want cycling, don’t even think Guernsey, they’re redeveloping the airport and have large tractors moving earth for the next two years. Frankly I’d go to the SW (Devon or Dorset), be more to do and cheaper, both islands are very expensive.


    If you want shitty northern seaside town go to Jersey

    I can’t see the similarity drbob65 – have you ever been to Jersey? If anything it’s more like the classier SW seaside resorts than those in the North.


    Steel Freak’s wife here.

    As a Channel islander (Jersey) I can tell you there is loads to do, you just need to have a few wet day activities up your sleve.

    The beaches are fine, but it is advisable getting a tide table, and being very careful if walking out to Seymour tower, the tides are some of the largest in Europe and holiday makers can often get stranded. Take advice from locals if they say it is not safe listen to them.

    Check out the local tourist office there are sometimes deals on visiting local attractions.

    There is a cycle path round the North coast, that I walked a few years ago, but one of my relatives mountain bikes round. Lots ofd walker/ cyclist/horse rider priority lanes. I do not know if it has been made illegal but a few friends had hours of fun mountainbiking round the sand dunes in st Ouen.

    Good beaches that are not packed with tourists are Green island (be aware of tides around the island when stormy, or when there is a spring tide) It used to be great for snorkeling, and there used to be a scallop bed only accessible by low tide, don’t get stranded on the island either. Great for low water fishing if you are interested in that.

    St Clements bay, a good long clean beach without all the touristy stuff, get there early if you want to park a car.

    Ask locals where they go to swim there are lots of little beaches not on tourist maps, be careful with some of the smaller bays especially if there is a ‘boat owners only’ parking, as these are genuine and people do get annoyed if they cant get their dingy down a slipway.

    Find someone who has a boat who will take you out fishing, a great day out, and hopefully a great meal at the end of it. Someone I knew had a boat, used to take people out diving and fishing as a hobby.

    It is expensive to eat out, but I used to get the best crab sandwiches from the Hungry man at Rozel, (you did need to give them a few days notice).

    Hope you have a nice holiday…. Enjoy!

    Premier Icon philstone

    There’s plenty of mountain biking in Jersey, you’re not looking in the right places.

    If you want shitty northern seaside town go to Jersey,

    Complete crap…

    Premier Icon camster

    philstone – true, not sure where to MTB other than along the coastal paths on the North. I hear there a few woodlands trails – Greve de Lecq woods perhaps? I do enjoy road riding in Jersey though, very pleasant along those green lanes.

    @drbob65 of course I disagree with our comments being married to a Jersey’bean’.


    Some fantastic suggestions,cheers. We really like the look of Rozel. So looks like we will be Jersey bound.
    Is it worth hiring a car or can the Island transport be relied upon to get to beaches etc? Does the weather tend to be more abroad type heat or more British type/changeable weather? Thinking July/early August.


    + 1

    There’s plenty of mountain biking in Jersey, you’re not looking in the right places

    All the good stuffs cheeky though – check out the areas around the race track in the north west of the island, the cliff paths around Sorel and Egypt Woods as well as in St Peters Valley. Some nice stuff between St Aubins and St Brelades too.


    Jersey was very so-so for us ~ did a long weekend last june based in St Helier. The town looks run down and scruffy, as if the recession has hit them as badly as everyone else. Pubs and restaurants were pretty average, with the exception of this place, which was great;

    All in all not an island I ever see myself re-visiting.

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