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  • Changing hydraulic brakes hoses that are internally routed
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    The same techniques work, just with a wee bit of adapting… You can attach a string to the hose frinstance by fitting a hose barb most of the way in, leaving enough bard to attach a string to. Or if you don’t mind damaging more hose, a small screw does the same thing.

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    I’d join one end of the new hose to the end of the old one (couple of wraps of electrical tape?) and pull it through as the old one is extracted?

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    Remember that, unless the brakes use a different type of fluid, you could always leave the hoses in situ and just change the ends.

    I’ve just taken the plunge and ordered myself a new meta am. I already know that I will be swapping the brake system and I’m already panicking about the prospect as the hoses are internally routed.

    I’ve read the techniques for swapping gear cables that are internally routed (simple enough) but those techniques won’t work with hoses. Anyone?


    Attach string to one end. Then stick a hoover on the other end. Pull the string. Job done.


    surely on new frames they have some sort of cord already in place to pull the hose through?

    as im not a bike mechanic and havent bled brakes before i would probably helitape some how the hose to the outside of the frame until the brakes needed bleeding, and then take it to the lbs


    After much failed attempts with the tape falling off while pulling new outer/brake cable. I have been using this method.
    Trim old brake line so it is just in the frame.
    Thread a new gear cable through new brake line then through old brake line.
    Pull as hard as you like new brake line comes through.
    I only came up with this as in the middle of my Five swingarm there is some piece kind of blocking the route.
    I do like the hoover trick though.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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