Changing font size on laptop

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  • Changing font size on laptop
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    Sure this is a dozy question but here goes:

    I have a Toshiba laptop using Vista OS. Sometimes when my hand is ested on the keyboard somewhere the font size reduces on the page I am on so that it is barely legible. If I come out and go in again then the small size remains. It does it on the particular site I am on, not all pages/tabs I may have open. Problem is I can’t recreate the issue. I thonk it is something to the ‘mouse’ bit and probably touching another key.

    What am I doing and how do I reverse it?

    Thanks, a technoclot.


    Not sure about your laptop but mine has a multitouch pad so that if you drag two fingers on it (like on an iPad/pod/phone) it zooms in or out. This changes the fontsize on some websites. You might need to hold a button down like ctrl or shift as well.

    Sounds like there may be a trackpad gesture which you may be triggering – Google suggests Toshibas have a pinch-zoom facility a la smartphone.

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    I’ve a Toshiba Satellite (Windows 7) and it’s as nickjb says: if i put two fingers on the pad them move them apart the mouse icon will change to a magnifying glass and the font size will increase. To make smaller, two fingers apart then bring together.

    TBH I use an external mouse most of the time…if I hold the crtl button then use the wheel on the mouse it will increase/decrease the font depending on direction

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    Thanks guys, knew I could rely on STW – I gave it the two finger thingy and sorted it. Will know in future.

    Now, about my sex life…….

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    Now, about my sex life…

    Use 2 fingers.

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