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  • hora

    I dont want to receive a ban for what I just thought about the above pic. Nice, if your older or have relatives to transport round. Just wrong.

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    not sure why folk are so attracted to van-based cars… when you could get a car/estate/small mpv with way more refinement, and much better to drive. Stuff like Toyota Corolla Verso, or even just the likes of a focus estate would be very nearly as practical (if not more) and way more refined.

    Am i missing something?

    Yes, i think you are.

    I had a 1.4 Berlingo, and even tho i have a Saab 9-5 estate now… i miss the berlingo.

    I thought it was fun to drive, short gearing ment it was no slouch, at least up to 60mph. swallowed everything i ever wanted to carry.

    And no i’m not joking about it being fun to drive – yes it leaned in heavy cornering – but once used to that it did hang on with out understeering off the road, the steering wasnt numb, gearbox didnt feel like you were stirring porrage. went up Harewood Hill in about the same time as a Morgan ๐Ÿ™‚


    cp – samehere. Its ticking that ‘must do the practical vehicle once’ slot. Our IT guy runs a van for his business, I was asking him what its like etc etc and he said the only reason he runs the van is because he has to. Its not an enjoyment factor. It carries boxes but isnt enjoyable or liveable. If you need a van-based car for bikes- how often do you go biking compared to other duties?! If you use it once a week to carry a bike and two weeks in summer surely its an over-compromise of epic proportions?

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    how often do you go biking compared to other duties?! If you use it once a week to carry a bike and two weeks in summer surely its an over-compromise of epic proportions?

    That was my issue about buying a van or van-based vehicle. Luckily, my wife’s now keen on MTBing so it became a more viable ideam, but more importantly suggested the idea of a van to convert to a full-blown camper. We bought a used VW T5 van last year, ideal for chucking the bikes in for rides.

    I use it at twice a week or more for biking and have several weekends away planned (plus there’ll be the unplanned on-impulse ones), plus a 3-week Euro tour, but even at that I sometimes wonder if it’s worth having a van (both the wife and me run our own cars too – hers is a banger, mine’s a fun/hairdresser car). When we add up what a camper will cost us to convert and own, we might’ve been better just hiring a camper van on the occasions we wanted to use one. But then my nearest camper hire place is a 1.5hr journey each-way away, and there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of having your own! I also can’t carry a bike in my own car for instance, although that was my stupid choice…

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    nickhart – Member

    vw touran. i know some peeps have had bad experiences on here but i love ours. it’s brill for chucking bikes in and does 55mpg on a run and 45 ish around town (sheffield so hilly).
    one of the comfiest cars i’ve ever driven. get second hand ones reasonably cheap now.

    I agree – same experience here.

    Or you need a Berlingo.

    Either will be much better for you Rob than a t4/tranist etc


    hora – I live in the south east, driving is not a pleasure, having a flash car just means that it gets keyed more and costs more to replace the bits that touch parkers break off all the time.
    Why not have a reasonably utilitarian vehicle that ticks all the boxes particularly for biking? Like L_I says the berlingo although it rolls will get round corners pretty well and it has nice smooth suspension so that the awful roads don’t hurt too much

    And anyway what sort of idiot drives to work when they could cycle?

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    We have a 2004 Berlingo 1.9 Diesel with highest level of interior including the Modutop: overhead lockers, windows in roof etc etc. Bought in 2007 to repace our Berlingo van as Little Mugsy’s arrival was imminent. Great vehicle for bikes and kids, camping etc.

    It’s now for sale as we’ve moved to France. That is the only reason for sale. It’s in Norfolk at my parents. Has I think 38k on the clock. Metallic paintwork. ยฃ3k. Has about 6 months MOT, but sadly no tax, as we cancelled the insurance and then the tax ran out. daniel DOT heywood AT


    Finally bought something!! Pick up tuesday/wednesday!!

    Premier Icon Simon

    What did you go for?


    Pug Partner – 1.4 petrol. Drove really wel and is mahoosive inside. Plus the bonus of price inc. service (biggy at 60k) and mot ๐Ÿ™‚


    You’ll probably want to get to know the lads at ‘pug parts’ in rotherham then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Glad you got something sorted ๐Ÿ˜‰



    aP agree. When I lived in West Hampstead cars were a distinct liability- all cars in our area had been keyed/dented etc. Just awful.

    jontawn- thats low! RR ๐Ÿ™‚ My next car is going to be a ……………….

    2.5T Forester to replace my 2.0X Forester ๐Ÿ˜€

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