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  • Chalons en Champagne woodsy singletrack and camping / caravanning site
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    There is a good campsite at Chalons en Champagne just off the peages and 4 hours from Calais. So perfect for a stop over on the wayback from the alps and they are very busy and organised for this traffic.
    Stopped there Sunday after 8 hrs driving and needed a spin.
    Got out the stumpjumper and set off down the road. After 200yds it became bike path, after1/2 mile i turned right at Sarre and came across one of their huge canals with paths either side. I set off up the shaded side.
    i noticed a twisty path in the woods running alongside and found a narrow entrance. Twisty, rooty singletrack going on for miles!
    So they have a canal, tracks either side, one of which is tarmaced with families and cyclists using them.
    Then they have built singletrack into the woodland strip either side, and the stuff i went on was good techy twisty stuff. It appears to go on for a fair few miles and may be on both sides. I only rode some of the stuff on the far side from Chalons.
    If you are traveling that way and need a break and a singlespeed fix.
    Do a google search and there is a 35k loop which includes some of it.


    Was it the municipal campsite? We stayed there a few years back on the way down (and back) to Chamonix (non – biking holiday). Didn’t really explore the area mind.

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    Yes the municipal site,Aquadis Loisirs.

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