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  • Chalet Maid wanted asap Morzine
  • NZCol
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    I ‘got to know’ a few chalet girls in my days as a ski instructor. The were all lovely, lovely girls. Some had ponies called Meringue and daddy paid for everything, some were more normal, all of them were very VERY accomodating.
    I was young once you know….

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    cooking/cleaning/slaving for some middleclass tw*ts is not my idea of a great way to spend a few months.

    Probably insulted pretty much everyone involved in the catering/hotel trade in that statement Ton + people like myself who would not regard themselves as slavemasters, middle class or ****ts. I work bl@@dy hard to afford a ski trip

    Out of interest, have you ever been skiing/boarding or worked in a ski resort to qualify you to make that statement ?

    Would apply for it myself but would need at least another £20 a week (I’m not a slave you know :wink:) for having additional qualifications which may be useful to guests.

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    If anyone has been put off thinking about this by all the negative crap then you would be missing out.
    I worked as a Chalet Bitch in Morzine when I was 31 after I got made redundant. All the people I was working with were 28-40 years old and taking some kind of break from normal employment.

    I had a brilliant time, met some great people and got about eight years worth of boarding in one year.
    If you have no UK financial commitments then the finances are not so bad, Your wages can go tax free to your savings account, you are fed and housed so you need money for beer and kit. My tips paid for all the beer I wanted, a couple of boards and binding and a complete set of clothes helmets etc.

    I even lost 8kg 😀

    of course if you feel cleaning a toilet is demeaning – dont bother 🙄

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    I haven’t read all of this. I am trying to imagine what enormously dignified and special job Ton does that he is able to piss from such a vast height on people working in service industries.


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    bastid! you’dave posted this a month ago i’dave ripped your arm off for it. Got a lease on a flat now until 10th march. bgger.

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    Firstly, Sue I hope you find someone I would loved to have done somethoing like this when I was younger.

    As for all the moans about slave wages, well I’ve just come back from a week in Courmayeur (yes it did cost me quite a bit of money but I worked bloody hard for it and i’m self employed so no-one pays me holiday pay) and it was fantastic, 99% of the chalet staff did a fantastic job, they were cheery, efficient and seemed to be making the most out of their time in Italy. They didn’t appear to be being sponsored by ‘Daddy’ I’m sure a few of them would have been and some them were just there between Uni and work or just between jobs, some of them were working the skiing season and were then off to a summer resort to do the same sort of thing. But I have no complaints about any of them, apart from when the chef overslept and had locked the kitchen and we had to wait for breakfast, oh well you can’t have everything.

    So anyway, if they were getting food and lodging and ski pass, which was £190 for 6 days in Courmayeur and £100 to spend I personally don’t think that’s too bad.

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    Phew, thanks to one and all for all your views. Think overall it was positive in the end!!
    We are sorted now,
    Cheers guys
    Sue x

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