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  • I have an XT M760 chainset with nearly new middleburn chainrings on it. However, the axle on the chainset is borked so I need a new chainset. If I buy an XT M770 9speed chainset, will my middleburn chainrings stil fit it for use when the new chainrings wear out?

    I guess what I am asking is do the old and newer XT chainsets all take the same BCD chainrings.

    Alternatively, any recommendations for a decent new chainset?

    Thanks in advance,



    Yes i believe they do have the same BCD, could look at SLX for a new chainset, only 40g heavier iirc and a fair bit cheaper. To be honest i see know reason to buy chainsets from anyone else other than Shimano.

    I’d second the SLX. I’ve just bought one, it’s strong and cheap and it only weights a shart more than XT. I think it looks nice too.
    AFAIK they’re all the same BCD.

    I’ve gone through a set of XT, XTR and Saints in the last 3 years. The SLX is cheap so if it needs replaced them I won’t worry so much.

    I had thought about SLX – I just want to make sure that my old chainrings can be used at a later stage as the middleburns last for a lot longer than shimanos in my experience. I guess SLX is cheap enough to replace the lot each time mind you.

    To be honest, I find most cranks fairly horrid to look at – they’re all a bit poncy looking and have too much branding all over. Shimano are the simplest looking IMHO so I was going to stick with them…

    You could always polish them out if it bothers you! I swapped my chainrings over from old XT to the last version of SLX, no problems. It’d be worth checking the BCD but I’m sure it’s OK.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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