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  • ndthornton

    Ok – long story…….
    Iv always run 2×9 XT setup with 22/36/bash at the front – 34T cassette and mid cage mech at the back. This has been great for my type of riding – uber steep up and flat out down although I have always thought I should have bought a 34T front ring as the capacity of the mid cage mech is right on the limit and I rarely use all the range anyhow.

    Iv just bought a new 160mm frame (Mondraker dune), swapped all the bits over and second ride Iv ripped the rear mech off. It happened while compressing the rear end while in the biggest gears – so clearly my chain is too short + probably gear range too large to cope with the new frames chain growth.

    So I need at least a new chain and mech hanger but I also like the idea of the new clutch rear mechs – so it looks like Im going 10 speed (my shifters are buggered anyhow). Id like to keep a mid-length cage so I was thinking about going 24T/34T up front keeping my old 9 speed XT cranks. Given the larger range 10sp cassettes I thought this would be ideal. Trouble is I cant find any 10 speed chainrings in this size. Shimano dont seem to do them as far as I can tell and other companies only offer single ring options.

    Will I be ok with 9sp chainrings or is there any other options I haven’t considered?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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