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  • ChainReaction style shop for Motorbikes ?
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    I am after a tank bag for my brothers christmas, and am struggling to find a ChainReaction\ \Wiggle style online shop for Motorbikes ?
    Do any of you Motorbike types know of one ?

    I like the RDM Tank bag, but would like to see what reviewers say about them and check out some alternatives at a similar price range.

    But all the online stores seem to be attached to an actual Shop.


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    never been online but been in store and seemed good priced!!

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    Prolly cos you really need to try motorbike kit on ?

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    m+p perhaps?

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    Might be too much of a fag but the bike show is imminent at, I think, the NEC Birmingahm. I bought an Oxford Products one there and it has been superb. The advantage of going to the show is that you can go from one stall to another and virtually name your price, I bought mine virtually half price.

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    Yup, NEC Show is on at the mo, finishes next Sunday.

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    Yeah busters or M&P will sort you out.

    Oxford humpback tankbag is a good bit of kit. Need to check whether its a steel or plastic tank/cover as you can get magnetic or (dare I say it?) stap-on tank bags (there, I did say it :?)

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