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  • Chainlube or lack of causes clicks?
  • steve_b77

    More likely to be a bearing somewhere in your drive train that’s wearing out.

    No lube just makes for a bit if a loud chain

    Would a lack of chainlube cause the chain/drivetrain to click? You know the annoying click per revolution etc? Suddenly acquired this today not had it constant ever before? But I didn’t put any lube on chain after washing bike etc last week?


    Check your seat-post too. Mad as it sounds it can click on each crank turn if not tight enough or contaminated with water. Remove, clean, re-fit and see if that sorts it.

    Done that bud too, infact did it mid ride today 😉

    I often clean my seat post/collar as I’ve had creaks from that before too


    its possible i guess, you might have a stiff link that clicks down each revolution. lube it up..

    but its probably something else, maybe loose chain ring bolts

    could be anything

    I know, it’s a pain in the ass

    I’m back to square one, with the noise even worse than when I initially fixed it! Great!

    Initially just a sort of weird click type noise climbing out the saddle on steep sections, did a few things t’other day and silence Thursday night, then I washed and cleaned it roll on today and its now clicking pretty much every slight incline road or off road 🙁

    I hate bikes


    Loosen your quick releases and squirt a bit of gt85 on them. Do them back up and see if that helps. They often cause clicking noises on my road bike.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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