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    I’ve got a big Park workshop one. It’s a lump of a thing but it is a treat to use.


    Park CT3, had mine in the workshop for years. Almost idiot-proof, but not quite (2 idiots, 2 breakages), so avoid lending it, and you’ll have it forever.


    Live the park ct3 but less sure of the ct3.2 that seems to have replaced it


    park tools mini brute chain tool – lives in my saddle bag for when I need it on the trail and does the job with ease – you can also use it back at home too! 😀

    If you’re going to be doing a lot of chains a year then maybe look at a bigger one, but I wanted one to keep with me and its been perfect the few times I’ve need to use it.


    Need a new chain tool, Just looking on the Wiggle site, there are loads of options, any recommendations?


    workshop – pedros
    in pack – park


    Having just played with one in my LBS, I’ll shortly be replacing the generic one I carry on the bike, with the new Park CT-6.3.

    At home I use a Shimano TL-CN23, which I’ve had for ever (almost).

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    I’ve used a Park CT-5 for years. Its normally in the camelbak, but I use it for chain shortening at home as well. I’ve never seen the need for a larger shop type one, as the little Park does fine.

    That CT-6.3 does look nice, though!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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