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  • pondy

    just replaced my chain on my 2×10 xt. has not done my work but the chain checker now reads 75%. fitted a kmc x10 93 and found i now have what i think is slip, small gear on the front, small gear on the back. moving very slow and pushing hard of the pedals i get a large clonk and a notch felt via the pedals. it will only do it in this gear and i cant get it to slip if pushing on the pedals with the brakes locked on. the rear mech is set up ok and all i changed with the chain.

    is the cassette worn or is it because i didnt fit a shimano chain? a new cassette is £55.

    have a fallen for a trap? i always thought that when a chain reached 75% you replacee it so save the cassette from damage, making it last longer? i have done this and all i have now is £20 worse off and a chain that slips, i dont want to spend £75 frequently every time the chain is worn. would i be better off re fittig the old chain and just leaving it till it faults then replacing everything?


    Chain checkers except for the Shimano £50 one are rubbish. They measure roller wear, the Shimano one doesn’t. Roller wear is not what we are concerned with.

    The way to measure a chain to see if’s it worn to measure link length. Measure 12 link pairs (pin to pin, or link side plate to link side plate), replace chain when it reaches 12.0625” (12 & 1/16”). That’s at 5% as recommended by the late great Sheldon Brown (and Jobst Brandt).

    Edric 64

    Dont use small on small or big on big.Are you not getting enough chain wrap as on a single speed shouldnt be a problem geared but thought id ask any way?


    had a similar thing in a similar situation, turned out the teeth on my front chain ring were worn….

    as said above though, why would you want to ride on the small/small combo?


    As above, don’t trust the chain checker. Once the chain is off the bike, it’s really easy as you can hang it up and measure it over it’s full length – or 100 links, which makes the maths easy.

    You could stick the old chain back on, and it will go plenty more miles, but the downside is that you’ll wear the chainrings, and may have to replace them too when you eventually change the chain.


    Same happened to me i used the sheldon method but got chaon slip mew cassette cured it


    I have put the Shimano chain back on and no more slip. Used the kmc quick link. Now have a clicky noise underload which can’t seem to get rid of

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