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    Yesterday at 12.38 I ordered a hub seal from CRC.

    It just arrived. And it was in a Jiffy bag rather than a box.

    And it was cheaper than buying off eBay!

    Just thought I would counter some of the moans.

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    Gloves and Socks I ordered the week at around 3pm arrived the next day too.

    Wiggle took 3 days for some bits.

    But 3 days I’m happy with too.


    I ordered some tyres the other week and they didn’t come at all!

    Turned out I had forgot to press the “place order” button.

    Grrrr bloody chain reaction!!

    Been dealing with CRC for about 6 or 7 years now – no complaints. The worst of the lot for delivery times IMHO is Wiggle.


    I’ve always had good delivery times from CRC apart from one which took 2 weeks due to some error but they refunded my delivery costs (when they used to charge) and gave me a £10 voucher 🙂

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    Just for balance – try 15 working days for my last 2 orders. OK even though most of that stunningly quick time was probably down to RM, it is CRC’s choice to use them as their sole, untracked, postal provider, so CRC are getting the entire blame.

    Will still order from them, but just never within the 3 weeks prior to a vacation or business trip.

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    ordered some bits last week, they came the next day. never had a problem with em.
    ordered from SJSC on monday evening, just been delivered now. good service too.


    Ordered some bits yesterday, got a order despatched email a few hours later.

    They must be a bit quiet.

    Which is good for us 🙂

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    Well they’ve just cancelled my order as they haven’t got the parts 😥

    I’m not complaining though, they are often next day or the day after which I’m perfectly happy with. They are also more often than not the cheapest. There shimano stuff is very close to the prices you can get from the continent at the minute.


    CRC have been generally orsum for me since 2005. Order Sunday/Monday, delivered Tuesday is the norm

    Unless there’s a significant price break I always put orders in separately it seems to bypass the ‘what box shall we use’ stage.

    Normally very good to me, but I have an order sat processing for 3 days now.

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    Posted this before but late last year I ordered some items on a Sunday morning and they turned up on a Wednesday evening, not bad since I live in Hong Kong.
    Been ordering of CRC for about 5 years in and off but never had a problem with deliveries, typically 1 working week out here.

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    Deliveries are great. However, starting to notice RM deliveries taking 2 working days from dispatch opposed to the usual 1 working day. Your results may vary, but no complaints still!

    Wish they’d stock clothing in normal people sizes though.

    Yes crc are quick turn around for me…i recently purchased a new drive train and it all arrived together within a couple of days…very happy..

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    Very quick for me too – sent me two presta valve cores in a blimming big box though!


    i ordered a load of stuff, stans, tablets, tubes etc. all came in a nice and small jiffy bag 😀


    Its been a while since I’ve had a delivery from them as quick as the OP. In years gone by next day delivery was pretty much standard.

    3 or 4 days now seems to be the norm from them these days which is fine for me but will see other forum members frothing at the mouth at their apparent ineptitude.


    One order out of the two I placed yesterday come before Midday.


    Their service of late is on-par with the level that gave them the reputation all those years ago. Having said that, I’ve never really had any cause for complaint – returns and damaged items being processed easily and without delay, not to mention that I once haggled to get an even better price on a Ritchey seatpost.

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