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  • Chain reaction Cycles, superb customer service.
  • Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Had a few issues with a recent order, ended up ringing their customer service and it was all sorted in moments. No fuss or aggro.
    Other (non cycling) companies should take note..especially after the headache I have had recently with parcel farce.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Had the opposite treatment with them this Christmas.
    Bought a bike bag using a gift voucher and some cash, unfortuantley had to cancel the order but the item was delivered too quickly for CRC staff to react.
    When I asked if I could return the item I was told that it would cost 15GBP and that the original voucher used, worth 50GBP, was null and void.
    I have no problem with loosing my original shipping charges and paying for the return but to loose all value on the gift voucher was a bit strange.

    Decided to keep the bike bag and it is now sitting at my Mums house, still boxed, gathering dust. I live in Hong Kong and was planning to bring my UK bike back with me after my visit hence the bike bag requirment, sadly airline charges forced a prompt rethink on the plan but not before I had already ordered the bag with my xmas gift voucher.

    Pity as I have used them a lot in both the UK and HK without any problems.


    OP- They’d be even better if they didn’t make the screw up in the first please though right 😛


    I also think that their customer service has been beyond brilliant for me recently. 😀

    And to add, they didn’t screw up, I did but they still sorted me out. 🙂

    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Ha, yep, but at least it’s been sorted, plus I had an upgrade on the original item I ordered 😛
    Stewartc that doesn’t sound right, have you spoke to trading standards about the issue?

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Monkeysfeet, just got back to HK and catching up with work so its on the back burner but have the original emails and will start to look at how to complain at the weekend.
    I have used CRC for years so was suprised with the brush off this time, I accept it was my fault in ordering the item and happy to pay delivery charges etc but to loose all value on the gift voucher cannot be right. Lucky your thread came up just now or I would have probably filed it under WTF and forgotten about it.
    Maybe they trying to get me back for taking advantage of their Free Shipping Offers while out here!


    OP- They’d be even better if they didn’t make the screw up in the first please though right


    *waits patiently for incomplete order to be resent*


    There’s bound to have been some misunderstanding.

    If you ordered something and paid part by gift voucher, you’ll need to pay the shipping charge back then theyll refund you the money back to your card and the rest back to you in a new voucher.

    If you used the xmas50 discount code that would be void as it had to be used within 2 weeks.

    Maybe that’s where there’s been some misunderstanding!?

    Distance selling regs you have the right to return it within 7 days. Can’t remember who pays the postage tho – check on consumers direct website


    I don’t rate their customer service: no visible telephone number, off-the shelf reply to my emails and brush off promises of getting things sorted. Eventually requested cancellation of my order (after 2 weeks of “being processed” even though instock items)but only got refund when I raised a paypal dispute. Was a regular customer but not now.

    My CRC order finally arrived today, 9 plays after placing order. Opened the box only to find completely the wrong items and someone else’s invoice with thier name, address and phone number in it!!!

    Basically, guys that did the packing put the wrong address label on the wrong box.

    Tried to call to sort it, phone lines busy. Wasn’t given option to hold and was advised to call back later. Emailed though and recived a reply with 4 hrs. My order has been dispatched again so that I don’t have to wait too long, and I have to return the ‘wrong’ items.

    Someone somewhere though has got a £90 order of Shimano parts for £22 worth of tyres!!!

    Good customer service, but that is a pretty major way to mess up!

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Update, just been contacted by CRC today (Chris) via email to inform me that there was a mistake RE Voucher refund and that they will take the Big Bag back free of charge, issue me a new voucher and even refund the original shipping costs.

    So to confirm, Chain reaction Cycles, yes, superb customer service.


    I’m confused. CRC let you return anything for a year after purchase if you haven’t used it, albeit after a month its for a credit note.

    They now include a sticker sheet for returns with shipped items. Stick the address label on the box having filled in your order number, fill out the form on the back stating why you’re returning it, put it in packaging and drop it off to any Collect+ store and it goes back for free. Could hardly be simpler, and no shipping charges.

    I’ve no relation with CRC other than as a happy customer, but I did scan in the returns form as I’m good at losing that sort of thing, so if anyone wants a copy of it then let me know. G


    Had some great service earlier this week when a stem i ordered came in 48hours (i ordered it over the bank holiday mess so i was expecting it to be a while.

    Not so good with some shoes and pedals I ordered on tuesday, i was hoping they would be with me for a ride tomorrow but i’ve not even had a dispatch notification yet.

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