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  • Chain oil evaporation in hot shed?
  • chaos
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    I’ve just opened the shed (Asgard thing) and it’s like a furnace in there today. Not overly bothered but it occurred to me that it’ll dry out the chains very quickly.

    Is this an issue, are dry lube oils better for summer temperatures, etc?

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    Lube oil doesn’t have many aromatic fractions in it. Of course, there are many speciality blends that might have more low boiling point fractions, so it depends on what your ‘oil’ actually is.

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    I doubt that’s a thing. The compounds are going to have very high molecular weights, and won’t evaporate till many 100s of degrees C. Any volatile lighter stuff in the lube will evaporate within moments of being applied and will be there to thin the heavier oils to get them into the nooks and crannies. Air Suspension ride might go to pot till its cooled down to more normal ambient temperatures. increase in pressure combined with thinning of damping fluid?

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    Thanks, of course I could actually check the chains myself, but it’s much easier to ask on the forum than get off my backside and go outside in the sun again.

    Lube is currently Shimano’s own PTFE stuff.

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    Was looking at my silage bale wrapper in the shed yesterday. All the grease had run out of the bearings and was lying on the metal beneath

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    Get your grease gun out when it cools down tomorrow then? Assuming you won’t be needing a silage bailer for a while anyway?

    I find the heat does make lube and grease less viscous though, and that’s when things start squeeking more, like pedals for instance. I use a teflon light lube and it’s fine in the heat…i’m not though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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