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    Any good? Worth it for a lazy bugger who can’t be arsed to clean things?

    Messy – get a jam jar half fill it with white spirit, plop your chain in it and shake it. Take it out, wipe it off lube thouroughly and replace on bike. Job done!

    That’s pretty much what I do now. Might stick to that then!


    500ml empty coke bottle, drop chain into bottle splash a bit of white spirit into bottle, tighten lid and shake hard.
    Drain dirty fluid out and repeat with clean spirit.
    when you’ve finished cut the top off the bottle to get the chain out – simples.

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    I’ve always used theose ‘bath with brushes in’ type cleaners – ‘the shake it in a jam jar’ approach doesn’t seem to remove dirt very well and I end up brushing the chain anyway.

    also, use one of the bio type cleaners, not white spirit – it’s illegal to put it down drains and unless you burn it you’re stuck.


    I always used the scott oiler system and it works a treat


    I use a Park one with Muck-off in. Works a treat.
    I rotate two chains so leave one in a jam-jar with White spirit in. The dirt off the chains drops to the bottom of the jar so you can drain off & re-use the cleanish white spirit over and over again.

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    As above but I use a 2 litre milk container with degreaser, more room for the chain to move about so does a better job.


    I like my finish line chain cleaner a lot – three of four rounds lifted 2 years of grease and crap form a mate’s road bike the other day, and it means not taking it off the bike, which I hate, because I’m prone to pinging chain pins down small gaps in my decking.


    For a filthy chain, in a 2lt container, shake it around. Clean cassette and things, put chain back on. Then use the Park Tools chain cleaner with Weldtite citrus degreaser.


    I have a finish line one too and rate it. Far more effective and less hassle than taking off the chain and sticking it in a bottle imo.

    I use the Fenwicks bike cleaner neat inside it, works well.

    lidl/aldi had a kit with cleaner and degreaser for peanuts. I got a Park one after using a mates and being impressed by how effective it is (didnt pay full rrp for it which is a bit steep). I have always been a remove and swill in 2l coke/milk bottle type, but the scrubber is less faff and is used at the same time as the rest of the bike is cleaned, which means it is used more often, which means the chain is better maintained.

    Not perfect but for that sort of price worth it IMHO.

    The Park and CRC Xtools are more sophisticated with “side” brushes etc and probably more effective.

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