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  • Ceramic or Sintered?
  • osteo1

    So having blasted through yet another set of pads on my Avid Juicy 5’s (possibly due to me being a little girl on the scary stuff) I am wondering if it is worth going the ceramic route?

    They are a bit more expensive but promise longer life. Does anyone use ceramic pads, if so what are they like to use and do they last longer?
    I mostly ride trails and some downhill(but not long epic decents)

    Advice appreciated!


    Discobrakes is out of Kevlar but still have ceramic / sintered Uberbikecomponents doesn’t do Kevlar at all…

    Premier Icon mattstreet

    My OH used to inexplicably go through rear pads quick with her Juicys – tracked it down to a particularly sharp-edged rotor – swapped it for a Hope one and pads then lasted much longer. Might be another option worth investigating…

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Isn’t ceramic another word for organic?


    Sintered FTW. Make sure you bed the pads in, otherwise they won’t last anything like as long as they should.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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