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  • central heating cover, who is good?
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    British gas have been great for us, loads of problems with boiler and always come same day, fixed it no problems.
    We didn’t have an excess on our policy

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    New boiler 13+ years ago zero spent on maintenance. When we rented the property for 18 months we were obliged to have a service contract etc, British Gas was £17 a month so £300 spent and they had nothing to do anything aside from a visit to say nothing needed fixing and issuing a “certificate”. IMO service contracts aren’t worth it, ilf your boiler’s unreliable get a new one and enjoy the efficiency benefits, obviously more money upfront.

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    British Gas offer service and breakdown cover for £9 a month with £99 excess for repairs

    who else is good? i.e. reliable and not an extortionate price?


    British Gas here.

    £42 cash back through TCB as well 🙂

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    M&S offered “home Emergency” cover as an add on for our home insurance for £4.20 a month. Covered anything in the house, plus up to £1k for the boiler (heat exchanger not included). Only caveat was that the boiler had to be serviced to mfrs recomendations schedule. The small print did read like they would try every trick in the book to avoid paying out… 😕 (My synical gut feeling).

    Unfortunetley our boiler packed up last week, defying my efforts & the plumber. Had to call Glow-Worm out in the end. £288 fixed price, including a years cover.

    Next year I’ll probably sign up for the M&S one.
    Plumber reckoned to just insure the boiler, dont bother with rads/drains etc, as they rarely fail & dont cost a lot in comparison.

    I was with BG for a while and would suggest you save your cash. Boiler repairs don’t have to be expensive, but they can be, so they market a service you don’t need through fear.
    The intro rate is ok but they soon start to hike it if they see a chance and if you’ve an old boiler they’ll give you some crap about not being able to get parts then pass you a quote that will make you wince.

    Find a decent local person.


    Another vote for BG.

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