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  • willber

    Just completed on a house – 1970’s brick built 3 bed link detached house.

    The current heating system has a large water cylinder in the bathroom airing cupboard. The boiler is in the garage and is part of the original installation.

    I would like (if possible) to get rid of the airing cupboard all together to make the bathroom bigger. I’m guessing the only option would be to opt for a combi boiler – but I dont know how well a combi would cope. 1 main bathroom, 1 en-suite in the future. Me, Mrs, Kid n Border Collie all living there.

    Will a combi cope? Or, is there an alternative that will allow me to keep a water cylinder?

    Pros n cons i guess.



    Combi will easily cope with that as long as the correct one is spec’d.
    Around 36k BTU should do it but get it calculated to make sure.


    Alternatively Convert to a sealed system and put hot water cylinder in the attic

    Retain existing boiler

    New cylinder in loft ( you could consider a dual coil cylinder and add solar thermal as well)


    Thanks for the replies. Can I effectively run a thermostatic shower off a cylinder or would I need electric showers? Not a fan of electric showers,

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Thermostatic shower, cylinder and a pump is probably the best shower option. Not especially efficient energy wise though as you can end up using more hot water than a bath. Great though.


    You can run a thermostatic shower off an unvented mains pressure cylinder. Gravity fed may be different as unless the cylinder is a good height above the shower head the pressure may be a bit low compared to what you actually want.

    If you look at Combi boilers ignore the heating output and look at flow rate. Get some people in for prices, they’ll all recommend what they are all used to fitting so prices will vary. Get something with 7yr warranty as least (Ideal Logic/Baxi Duotec/Worcester Bosch etc etc).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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