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  • hora

    Delicious rather than high class decor.

    Can be any ethnic/cuisine too.

    (No pebbles..)


    OK, there’s actually quite a few options,

    Indian you could go to the one at the end of fleet st called itihaas, which is just behind summer row, food is good and good value too. Or there’s lasan which is in the jewellery quarter, it won Gordon Ramseys TV competition a couple of years back.

    British cuisine there’s a couple of restaurants on summer row which are nice. Also the mailbox has several nice restaurants, including my favourite Steakhouse, Miller and Carter.

    There’s a jamies Italian and a wagammamas down by the bull ring, oh and Brown’s there too.


    Adams or Purnells, or Purnells Bistro.

    Or there’s nandos, most people seem to rave about it, even though it’s just chicken.


    Nah I don’t get nando’s, went with a works do, ordered the mildest heat & got to eat my meal, while all the heroes sat their sweating. & grumbling Not saying its bad..

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    Unashamedly copied from the other thread:

    My favourite subject this.
    Purnells – just brilliant, modern food but you’ll need to book 3 months in advance.
    Adams – new Michelin stared place, very, very good and very intimate.
    Simpsons – Classical, too class food, a but less experimental than the top 2.

    Less expensive
    Loves – great food, really good atmosphere, not cheap but not really expensive
    Opus – fine dining but not silly money
    Anderson bar and grill – best steak I have ever eaten and a great wine list. This is my “go to” restaurant in Brum
    MPW at the Cube – good food but you do pay a premium for the venue. But the venue is awesome.
    Lasan – basically, posh curry. But bloody good posh curry.
    San Carlo – really, really good Italian place. Been there years and consistently very good.
    La Truc – very laid back restaurant that does very good simple food
    Bodega – cracking South American food and awesome cocktails. Very lively and quite cheap.
    Gingers bar AKA Purnells Brasserie AKA Purnells bistro bar – good simple food and more great cocktails.

    I’ve been to a nice Thai restaurant on Brindley Place – can’t recall its name as i’d had a few pints and was not being too observant. The usual Thai menu of offer but very good all the same.

    Oh, and forgot i’ve also been to a brill gourmet burger place in the Mailbox. Can’t remember the name again – probably Gourmet Burger or something like that. More casual but very good all the same.

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    In the square just off broad Street there’s cielo, a very good Italian place. Jamie’s Italian is rubbish IMO. Or itihaas. Or purnells bistro, but you’d probably have to book for that.


    That’s Thai edge I believe wobbliscott


    I ate at that cielo place last week, busy and lively atmosphere, food was good but I wouldn’t call it an occasion restaurant more of a business/big group thing than a special meal out. Would happily eat there again if I was staying at the same hotel round the corner though.

    Red Peppers in the Mailbox.
    Don’t live near Birmingham so not sure if this counts as “central”


    We seem to end up in Annexe more often than not, due to a combination of great food and a really nice atmosphere. They do a mixture of modern French and British http://www.annexe.co

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    There is (or was) a cracking Indian at the mailbox, around five minutes walk from the bullring


    Bregante it must be a new place? Cant think of where in there?

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    As above really, Purnells, Simpsons, Lasan are all top notch, Purnells Bistro is a great place to eat, and it’s all half price on a Monday, Marco Pierre Whites is Ok, there’s a good Brazilian buffet called Rodizio Rico in The Cube, and La Truc is very good.


    Had a great meal at Carluccios a few weeks ago, just off broad street, behind the ICC.

    The noodle bar in Selfridges food court at the bullring is also surprisingly good.


    In San Carlo any good? They’re a fancy chain type place aren’t they? There’s one opposite Evans in town

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    In central Brum I always go to the Victoria in John Bright St – just round the corner from new St Station.

    It’s a lovely pub with great beer, excellent cocktails knowledgeable bar staff, interesting clientele and a good selection of bar food. We always have something in there before/after the Electric Cinema just down the road.

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