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  • Cello Music recommendations.
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    Bach – Six Cello Suites

    Suite No 5 in C minor is my favourite. (BWV 1011:1-6)

    Not the best performance but best I can do at the moment:


    I have the Jaap ter Linden perfomance which are fantastic.


    linky? you tube?

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    Edited with link, but as I say if you can get the Jaap ter Linden one it’s great, think I got the MP3s from amazon.

    Edited again – that video is just part 2 of 6 in C minor btw!

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    Bach Cello Suites usually do it for me..

    Sonatas: Debussy is very good.
    Schubert Appregione. Brahms 1 or 2.

    Concertos: can’t beat Shostakovich 1 / 2

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    Yep amazon it is:


    Can’t really remember what the others are like only have Suite No 5 on the MP3 player.

    Thanks btw, haven’t heard it in a while and listening to it now! Aaaaaah.


    feeling a bit morose (perhaps the gloomy weather) and the below came on shuffle.


    I need more cello today. Lets go all high brow and recommend me some nice atmospheric cello music along these lines modern or classic (other string instruments are allowed as long as its nice and melancholic/relaxed)

    heres some more of my favs






    YoYo Ma’s guest appearance in the West Wing was pretty cool!

    Played the prelude to the Bach Cello Suite No.1

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    Dvorak’s Cello Concerto is my favourite piece of classical music of all time. Utterly beautiful.


    If you have a taste for Yo-Yo then after G Oboe (wonderful) try his version of Massenet Thais’ Meditation – ok a bit overplayed like du Pres’ Elgar but his finish is exquisite.

    Faure requiem
    Song without Words OP109
    Du Pres paying Haydn or Dvorka cello concertos (A lasting Impression album)
    Mischa Maisky playing Allegro appassionato – not soothing but a great virtuoso piece



    Still hard to beat the emotion in your first choice. Just enjoying it again!!

    Switching to the violin I guess Mendlessohn’s violin concerto in e minor falls into the same category as JdP’s Elgar. Played too often perhaps, but still hard to beat.

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