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  • Premier Icon chorlton

    I’m just in the process of doing up the cellar as it gets a bit wet so will be putting down a concrete floor instead of the old stone flags. Is it sensible to lower the floor 3 or 4 inch as I can’t stand up properly down there or am I likely to upset the walls? It’s only a small cellar, about 4.5m x 1.20m and on very heavy clay soil.
    Also what can I do with the old coal chute as it rains in a bit? Fill it in totally with a vent to the outside or just seal it all up better?
    Thanks muchly.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Not sure how the concrete makes it less wet? It is pourous, and still has gap at the side / wall joint. You may be better to lift flags, put in gravel drains to a deeper tube/pit (to below foundations) at lowest corner to drain away. We have done this twice before with great success.

    I would leave a lot of ventilation in place at coal chute.

    Premier Icon chorlton

    Thanks matt. I did wonder about putting some sort of soak away in but with it being heavy clay I didn’t think it would work unless I get digging to Australia, and having a full on pipe drain is too much work as I doubt the council would appreciate me digging up the pavement.
    I thought about water coming up between the wall/concrete join but it has never been all that wet. Just a couple of puddles where the missing flag stones were. Plus the floor will be getting a damp proof membrane underneath.
    Think I’ll leave the coal chute as it is and just put a vent in. A day of lifting out 3″ thick stone flags and clay on your own is enough. 🙂

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    quite simple really – build a bar in the cellar – party central 🙂


    Won’t a damp proof membrane just risk creating an indoor swimming pool?! if you do the gravel drain, you can just put a cheap sump pump at the deepest point with a float switch, and a hosepipe taking the water up to an existing drain.


    We’ve got a small drain sump in the corner and a pump with a float switch as above.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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