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  • Premier Icon mboy

    Need some help setting up a basic CCTV system, I have no knowledge of it really!

    Anyway… It wants to be cheap, yet effective. Probably 2 or 3 cameras in a single location. If it makes it easier, I have a spare PC I could use (Dual Core Processor, Windows XP) to run it.

    So what would you suggest?


    Maplins is the place to go – i got a system with 2 cameras, Hard disk recorder with 4 camera capability – it can also be set up to be accessible via phone or t’interweb. The cameras are colour and go to b/w at night with i/r. i think from memory it was around £150
    I just have it wired in to the tv so I can flick channels to see whats going on outside.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I have myself a pair of these:

    And use a piece of software called Vitamin D – have to pay for a 2 camera version but it is excellent.

    The cameras themselves are surprisingly good. A bit fiddly to set up but the night vision in particular is really quite acceptable – people are easily recognisable and identifiable 10 or so meters away.

    Need a good wi-fi connection, I bought a range extender specifically to have these hooked in to.

    Seem to be pretty reliable.


    Danny B


    Try dropping Ton an email? As he list’s himself as:

    ton – Member
    aerial satellite and cctv salesman on a trade counter.


    Is it for home or business?

    If it’s for a place of business there’s a lot of stuff you need to do with regards to procedure and signage etc to make it legit and for any footage to be submissable in court.


    oh shit not more regs, ok, what are the regs? I need some for business…

    Premier Icon mboy

    MrNutt, click the following…

    It is for a business indeed, but won’t be very extensive, and I will put the signs up.

    z1ppy, can’t see that info on ton’s profile! I thought he was a scrap metal merchant?!?! 😕

    Any more info anyone? Was hoping it would be as simple as buying a couple of glorified webcams (with night vision too) and installing a piece of software on a PC (and possibly installing a bigger HDD). Can this be the case?


    did a quick search for cctv and that was the full post from him, on a “what ya do” thread, I know he does satellite stuff.. drop him an email, canne hurt

    Premier Icon ton

    mboy, you thought I was a gypsy didn’t you? 😆

    I can sell you a 4 camera system for £225+vat
    comes with a 8 camera 1tb hard drive, 4 x 700 tvl ir dome cameras and a psu.
    it is iphone/android compatable.

    ring me on 01132633500 if you want a chat about it.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Dropping you an email first ton

    If I’ve got time tomorrow, I’ll call in the day.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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