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  • CCNSG / CSCS competency card scheme
  • The company I’ve been doing work for the past year has stated all personnel must hold one of these cards, which is aimed at construction industry safety.

    – I am 100% office based and never go to site.
    – What I do in the office is not related to construction.
    – I have passed safety inducstions for the office and site.
    – The course costs £50 and they are expecting me to both pay for it and do it in my own time. (I’d also have to travel to the venue and pay for parking).
    – The entire scheme appears to be simply a govenment revenue stream as it apperas to have had zero impact on accident rates.

    The firm saw all my qualifications on the CV and I have never claimed to hold the card. I was asked when i started if I has it and answered no.

    Should I dig my heels in or just suck it up and do it. GRRRR

    If you end up doing one get the CCNSG as most sites i’ve been to recently seem to be fazing that in and fazing CSCS out.
    Get it if you can, can’t hurt to add it to your CV.


    Is it feasible that you could ever be asked to go to site? The test is a piece of piss, aimed at thicko labourers, but no way should you be paying for it yourself.


    CSCS and CCNSG are different cards and have separate tests – is just one a requirement? if thats the case you need one to work you’ll basically have to get one

    out of order that they insist you must do it in your own time/cost – or are you a consultant for the company (not an employee)?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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