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    Good fun for backroads and lanes but not a “proper” supermoto ,Suzuki drz e engine is pretty reliable but low powered,high 30s bhp,will get on your nerves for long runs but it depends what you want it for???
    They had a reputation for having poor electrics,and there was a common problem with the lower rear shock seizing and wearing the swing arm mount if i remember correctly.?
    Good quality wp suspension but personally i would rather buy a drz400sm.
    Good bike for a bit of fun but don’t expect too much.


    Been offered CCM R30 for low price.

    Fancied a supermoto and it’s low miles and good.

    Anything I should think about?


    The R30 has never used a Suzuki DRZ400 engine, that was the R45 or 404.

    This article tells you most of what you need to know:

    The earlier Rotax engined models are probably best avoided as that engine didn’t had the best reputation for reliability at the time and will be getting long in the tooth now. My dad had one of the Suzuki 650 engined ones and the only issue he had in the two years he owned it was the leaking base gasket on the engine. It rode and handled well and had strong Brembo brakes. The engine was very torquey, but not massively quick. I had a fairly modified Suzuki DRZ that I’d converted to supermoto spec and the CCM was probably about equal on acceleration despite having an extra 250cc, but his was standard apart from a more free flowing Remus can that was a factory option.

    If it’s a good price and you don’t want to ride motorways, dual carriage ways or more than 100 miles in one go, then it could be worth a punt. Maxxis used to do some very good ‘intermediate’ style tyres that worked well in the wet and dry.


    Best described as agricultural if it’s got the Rotax lump.


    What engine?
    Suzuki 644 or Rotax. The latter come as standard in 604 or 640. 640 will be more tuned as well. there was also a 710 kit for the 644.
    Be aware that every CCM is different, especially the Rotax ones.
    If Rotax assume it needs a cambelt. These are cheap and easy to do. We used to say every 6000 if road use and 3000 if trail riding.
    Whatever engine there is a very limited parts supply although Suzuki engine bits should be available from many dealers once you work out what you need.
    Don’t rely on CCM for parts. Think Dave Hinde.
    Other wise its Haines MC who have everything and have over the past 14 years sourced their own suppluiers when CCM let them down or stop making parts.
    . Must admit to bias as I have worked there and have known the Boss for 40 years.
    New body work is rare. However you can swap bits between models with one or two minor exceptions.
    R30’s had many variants, mostly body work. Silver ones with union flag graphics might well be R30M’s. Very rare, At Haines they took several which were pure race bikes with no leccy start and made them road legal. Then CCM did the same. wonderful fun.
    By now the rear can will have been replaced although a standard one will be a sign of a less hammered bike maybe.
    Check swinging arm bushes and see if the chain slider is worn.If its not green its a new Haines sourced one which is harder.
    Rear foot pegs are extras and worth gold dust.
    Post a pic if you can.
    On my 3rd Rotax and have had a 404 . currently do 25 miles each way to work and rthe bike may have done 55k+.
    Speedos are unreliable.
    If it has a analogue one it won’t be original, if it has a digital one it won’t be either.

    I bought one of the last R35’s this time last year. That’s the one with the Suzuki DRZ-400E engine, no experience of the R30’s. I did notice when I was hunting that a lot of the R30’s came with those mingin alloy wheels, is the one you’ve been offered a dual sport?

    They are a lot of fun, build quality is poor on anything CCM made though (thankfully they didn’t make much). Also the stuff they didn’t make tends to be pretty good kit.

    I don’t think mine has cracked 800 miles yet and I’ve already had to sort some electrical gremlins, also I left it in the sun and all the paint fell off the fuel tank.

    If you don’t mind doing a bit of spannering they’re not a bad buy.
    Here’s mine:


    Turned the main electrical connector upside down yet on that R35?
    the big one behind the engine always collected muck and soon failed.


    oops sorry,as gachet posted,i had mistaken it for r35/404.

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