CCDB leaking from adjusters.

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  • CCDB leaking from adjusters.
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    Call where you got it probably, failing that service time

    yeah will try on monday (if i can find the receipt for the bike frame!) probably have to suck up paying for a service though…

    does loco do ccdb’s?

    edit, no just tftuned i think.

    took the bike to cwmcarn today and seem to have a light mist of oil around the adjusters, is this common? does it need to go back to get a service and its under 12months old so warranty?


    Haven’t had an oil around mine so would get it checked out



    *goes off to garage to look at CCDB adjusters*

    Nope, just you then.


    Had this problem with my CCDB air, wasn’t even a ‘light mist’, oil was welled up in the rebound and compression adjusters.
    Was sent back to retailer and replaced under warranty.

    @stevenieve, mine is the same, pretty much welled up.
    have taken the shock off the bike now ready to be sent back to retailer (I’ve had the shock for 8months now so should be covered under warranty)

    contacted global bike this morning…its being sent off for warranty repair 😀
    he hasn’t had any back with this problem either so just lucky old me then!

    hoping turnaround times are quick!


    Was just going to say, under 12 months usually warranty.

    Yes we do CCDB coils now, not on site yet. 😀

    update: I had blown both seals on the high speed adjusters!
    all fixed under warranty by tftuned and thanks to globalbike for good comms and speedy turnaround.


    Hmmm, interesting – I noticed the CCDB Air on my El Gaupo had some oil around the rebound and compression adjusters at the weekend. Time for a wee email to On One I think…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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