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  • hecop36

    I’m going to change my shock, now I have a Fox b/v ctd on my tracer 26″ but I don’t know which shock to buy. The CCDB air CS or the Fox DHX 5. Now I am riding downhill, but here we don’t have chairlifts, so we push or ride the bikes.
    I will apreciate your comments.


    I haven´t used a CCDB, although it looks like a world class shock.

    The only thing I can offer is that the DHX5 is a solid shock and easily modifiable. I needed a less volume air canister and managed to sort it out with a bit of cardboard and some insulation tape.

    The cane creek needs to be properly set up for your bike, but the problem is that few of us know how to do that. Check out Ed Oxley´s vids, he did one on sorting out a CCDB.


    I have a ccdb air cs on my alpine 160, amazing shock, my custom tuned rp23 was good and loads better with a tune but the ccdb still blows it out of the water on rougher dh tracks.

    I’m running a CCDBair-CS on my Spitfire. Incredible! There are base tunes on the Cane Creek site for a lot of bikes which makes set up much easier – there are tunes for the Tracer 2 2010-2013 models if that’s what you’re riding.


    No contest for me.
    Have got the DHX5 on one bike and a ccdb air cs on another.
    Ok they are different bikes but the feel of the shocks are totally different.
    You can’t feel the ccdb air working its that good. The DHX 5 is fine but totally outclassed by the cane creek


    I have a ccdb on my tracer 2. The rear is so smooth and sexy, it shows the lyrics up on the front. It makes me think I need some marzocchi 55s to balance the bike out.


    Glad to hear this. I ordered a cane creek DB air CS a while back.
    It should be here next week.

    Do you need a special tool to tune them, if so does it come with the shock?

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    DHX5 with an avalanche ssv upgrade. Fantastic shock then.

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    I ran a DHX5 on a trail bike and an alps bike for a fair, bit solid and good, but thats the point it’s solid. For the extra weight it dodn’t really cut it compared to the air stuff I replaced it with.

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    I took a DHX5 off my GSpot (´cos it was totally bust, not just because I fancied an upgrade!), and put on a CCDB air CS. I guess I´m in a fairly good position to see the differences. They´re pretty big to be honest. The CC is way smoother and more controlled. I haven´t bothered with much tuning, it was set up for me and then it pretty much worked as was and TF Tuned did a great job there. Of course I´ve adjusted it, just to see what happened, but for me the sweet spot was right about where TF tuned put it for me. In just about every situation the CC is way nicer than the DHX. The exception is climbing, it definitely bobs a bit more even with the CS.

    Do you need a special tool to tune them, if so does it come with the shock?

    It’s just a 3mm (I think) Allen key – it comes with a ball-ended one which is easier to use than a standard one and a nice little field tuning guide / notebook and branded pen etc.

    I’ve been surprised how little the Spitfire bobs when pedalling with the shock open but I think that’s a function of the KS-link suspension which is a kind of virtual pivot point design like Intense / Santa Cruz VPP, DW-link, split pivot, etc. The fork goes up and down just like on my 140mm hardtail but the back end is pretty static when you’re pushing the pedals hard.


    CCDB air matched with marz 55CR =butter on both ends


    Cane Creek for me too.

    I have one on my Rune and have been really impressed with it. For an air shock it’s really, really smooth. The only downside is that there is the scope to turn it into a real turd if you fiddle too much (I found out the hard way). The base tunes are pretty good although I’ve deviated from it a bit based on sone of the tunes that others have uploaded to the Lounge. It bobs a bit when climbing but feels great everywhere else so I’ll love with that.

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    Swapped the factory upgraded fox off my Bronson for the ccdb cs and wow what a difference that made now a brilliant bike rather than an expensive mistake.

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