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  • CCDB Air CS decreasing sag.
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    I had possibly the scariest descent of my life today, totally out of control and feeling like I was riding with a pogo stick instead of a rear shock*. At the bottom of the descent I checked the shock and found I was running less than 10% sag. I know that a week ago the shock was running approximately 30% sag.
    I’m guessing that the negative air has transferred to the positive air chamber.
    My question is, can I reset this myself or has something failed?
    The shock is a CCDB air CS.

    * I now have a sore penis after clattering it into my saddle.

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    Well, I’m no expert but I reckon that’s what they call in the trade “shagged”. I wouldn’t use it till an expert has cast an eye on it.

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    The shock or the penis? Trust me, the penis gets no use!

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    There appears to be what I think are an unnecessary amount of seals in these shocks, best get it checked out! Mine lost all rebound damping.

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