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    And the road out of Birmingham goes to Cannock.

    Tackeroo / Son of Chainslapper is now open.

    Chase Trails

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    Cannock is the best thing about Birmingham.

    Except it’s in Staffordshire not Birmingham


    Best thing about Birmingham is the road out..



    I was a bit puzzled at Cannock yesterday. When starting on absinthe on the monkey trail(the narrow wooden bridge over the gully), I looked around and saw a trail coming out of the trees directly behind. It looked properly built (not cheeky), but I had come the other way following the signposts down the fire-road – What did I miss?


    nothing, thats the new(old) bit to open at some point in the near future. & hoorayy about the tackeroo bit being open again.


    Ah, Good news!


    chrisa87, the section you’re referring to (as jekkyl has touched on) was first built before the Monkey was officially opened. It wasn’t finished though and word came of planned felling works further down the line.

    All work was put on hold and then recommenced last year building up to the last Chase Trails Big Build day last Autumn.

    The bedding-in / fettling period has then been hit by other environmental restrictions but it’s getting very close to being finished and will be worth the wait. Keep an eye on the official Chase Trails Facebook page (Chase Trails not Chase trails Follow the dog) if you want to get the news on it’s opening as it happens.

    Tackeroo / Son of Chainslapper is now open closed.

    Well that didn’t last long…

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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