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  • CC Helm 29 Mudguard (RRP?)
  • andeh
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    I bought a Mudhugger mudguard for my Helm 29, but it seems impossibly tight and I can’t get it running without rubbing. Although it saves me from having to make motorbike noises while I’m riding, it is a bit annoying. Running a Magic Mary, which isn’t particularly large.

    What is everyone else using? I like the look of the RRP one, but if it’s equally tight I’ll not bother and just make my own bendy jobbo. Shame nobody makes a bolt-on (other than that 50quid Carbon Wasp)

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    RRP one is what I’m using on my helm with a magic mary on ex511 (30mm) rims. Plenty of clearance in the slop so far.
    Also rather annoyed about the lack of bolt on options – I had confirmation from RRP that their proguard won’t work. I did think about bodging one somehow, but doesn’t seem like a great idea. There’s a 3D printer template out there and I guess it would be easy enough to modify that and keep the bracket, but extend the coverage to be more like the large RRP guard (I used to reasonably handy with 3D studio) but from what I’ve seen getting something that size printed might be more of a faff as well.

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    Ahhh, cool. I’ll order a RRP one then, which version have you got?

    I actually had a go at 3D printing that guard, but unless you did it with a proper SLS machine it just wouldn’t be tough enough, so sacked it off. Not really worth the time/filament involved.

    I had considered vac forming something at work, but again, finding time to make the mould etc is difficult.

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    I’ve got a Mudhugger FR (not the new evo one) on my Rocket Max with Helm 29 and a 2.5 WTB Verdict. I had to reshape the front lip a bit with a hot air gun to get clearance, but it’s now fine and hasn’t rubbed these last 12 months.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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