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  • CAZOO : anyone bought a car off them?
  • Premier Icon grtdkad
    Full Member have a used car listed that I’m interested in.
    Just wondering if anyone has used before?

    You buy online and they deliver to your door. No test drive as such, but you have seven days to return if there’s anything that your not happy with.
    And 90-day warranty which is normal.
    No haggling, the list price is the price. Which tbh is quite competitive on the car I’m looking at.

    Also interested if anyone has part-ex’d with them, any valuation or nit-picking issues?

    Generally at first sight it looks quite good, but just checking.

    Premier Icon squirrelking
    Free Member

    Also registering interest for same reasons.

    They have pickup points in the big English cities as well FWIW. Not an option for me but may be for you.

    Premier Icon escrs
    Free Member

    Id be wary of buying a used car that’s delivered to your door as it may not be as described or not up to your standards

    Then you will have to arrange for it to be collected and then go through the process again for the next one

    Dealers dont always describe their cars accurately, honestly or even check them properly

    Went to a well known big dealer around 30 miles from me last weekend to look at a car, they offered to have it delivered to me to save me going there but i like to look around cars before i buy

    looked around it and noticed bits were missing, bits were broken, different parts fitted than standard, looked underneath and there was corrosion in areas which it shouldn’t of had on a car of its age

    Looked at the service history and the book had a missing service stamp, no receipts for the different parts that had been fitted, no receipts for anything that it had done outside of the servicing

    This was on 16 plate car up for £15’000

    If that had been delivered to me id be very unhappy

    Even after i explained all the issues to the sales guy and politely said it wasn’t for me he still tried the old trick of i got someone coming in an hour to look at it, are you sure you dont want it

    Car is still there so the other person looking that day was either non existent, didn’t turn up or turned up and saw what i saw and walked away

    Its always best to view before you buy with cars!

    Premier Icon saxabar
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    Partner’s Dad did – around £15k’s worth. Facepalm when I heard, but on seeing it it looks good. No bits missing, broken or obviously corroded. Not an endorsement though, I’d still want to see it. But, I’m no mechanic, and the Cazoo 7-day return option would give you time to get it to a mechanic for a check-up.

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    There’s a Cazoo in Cardiff that I ride past regularly, it’s a showroom/service centre on Penarth Road where Land Rover used to be for those that know the area. Had a look at the cars and there was the odd decent one but most were tired looking and had been over-prepped. By that I mean the plastics were overly shiny, tyres were wet-looked to death and plenty were hiding poor smart repairs. They most likely have lots of good cars to choose from but there were plenty of duffers to see. Reminded me of Carcraft who had a terrible reputation.

    I’d want to see the car first before purchase personally.

    Premier Icon mattbee
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    Not bought from them but did buy my Z3 sight unseen earlier in the year and had it delivered via Shiply. Was sub £1k for the car though so less risk.
    Od also seen lots of photos and a FaceTime walk around it, which was pretty useful.
    It was as I expected it to be; bit dirtier from the 400 mile journey on a beaver tail in the rain but no surprises.
    I think if I’d have been spending a good bit more I’d have been a bit more cautious but it really depends what the small print is in their guarantee I guess.

    Premier Icon manmurray
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    Colleague just bought from them, delivered unseen. Was definitely nervous dropping decent money (~£18k iirc) on something he’d not had chance to test drive, but seems pretty happy with it and and the process. Price seemed good for the spec he got.

    Premier Icon brokenbanjo
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    Check the description thoroughly, a lot are ex hire cars.

    Premier Icon grtdkad
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    Thanks all. has pretty good feedback on Cazoo to be fair.
    Though I am pretty disappointed that the price has gone up by £2k since the car I am after appeared on their website yesterday. Making it more-or-less the same as other dealer prices where I can pop along and take a look.

    Premier Icon trumpton
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    Always try and avoid looking at a car when its wet as it hides all the paint changes where you might be able to spot repaired damage.

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