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  • Premier Icon drain

    Was purchasing some Bonty tyres from the AllTerrainCycles site earlier today and happened to spot a WTB Wolverine 2.2″ at a stoopid price of £0.49! I even took a screenshot of it 😉

    Thought I’d order 2 and see what happened. As expected, ATC got back saying it was a glitch when adding it to the basket, and that the thumbnail advertised it as £27.98. Not strictly true as it was actually shown as £0.49 in the ‘Product Option’ tab.

    What d’you reckon, worth arguing the toss? Seem to remember that Oakley took it on the chin last year when they messed up their pricing, and gave them away free. Likewise I gather Tesco or some such did the same when they put a decimal place wrong (for them!) on iPads.


    You can argue if you like, but they’re not obliged to sell it to you at that price (or indeed any other price). Though they might for good PR.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Would you do it face to face?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    So if you had mis priced your wheels at 0.65p instead of £65 what would you have done?


    Tesco didnt honour the ipad .


    They made a mistake and corrected it when they found out – they don’t owe you anything. All of which doesn’t mean it’s not worth arguing the toss since they might give in, but have no reason too IMO.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    49p is recession beating though

    Premier Icon totalshell

    an advertised price is an ‘invitation to treat’ and is not ;eaga;lly binding on either party until th epoint of sale.

    if you have actually paid the 49p though they are now your tyres..


    and is not ;eaga;lly binding

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    The point of sale online is when you put it in your basket, and click BUY, and give your card details.

    It was obviously a mistake, so personally I wouldn’t be pushing it though.

    Premier Icon drain

    Ta muchly, all. Nice to see the usual spectrum of STW responses! 😉

    I think mikewsmith has it neatly summed up. LOL at rOcKeTdOg and Jamie’s posts 😀

    I like ATC and do a fair bit of business with them (having bought 3 bikes from them over the last 8 years, and a load of consumables), but I do wish they’d stop with the £3.99 post/packaging malarkey.

    Premier Icon ndg

    The point of sale with most online shops isn’t when you enter your card details, it’s when the transaction is processed, this may be at the same time it may not.


    In a time of recession, if it was your business, would you sell stuff at less than 2% of what you wanted to?
    As well as significant loss of expected profit, it’s also at significant actual cost.
    I know there’s legal ins and outs but it seems to me pretty unreasonable for customers to expect businesses to honour what is clearly an error…


    drain – Member

    Ta muchly, all. Nice to see the usual spectrum of STW responses!

    I think mikewsmith has it neatly summed up.

    totalshell has, in fact.

    Premier Icon igm

    All Terrain are a decent bunch, good prices (particularly on tyres), tend to advertise stuff they actually have in, dispatch quickly, etc.
    Feel free to ask, you never know, but don’t be too pushy. They clearly made a mistake, if they honour it praise them, if they don’t then you can’t really blame them.
    And I want those guys to still be in business for the next time I’m buying Bonty tyres (or tires as Bonty would have it).

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Currently the All Terrain website says that their instore sale ‘excludes sale items’, whatever that means!

    Nice guys though, might pop in for a look around on Saturday.

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