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    I have to laugh at the keyboard sprint experts, a lot worse goes on in that last 2k. The incident was just racing, it’s what these guys do to win, it’s the risk they take, the same risk that has been there since bike racing began


    Yeah I dunno. I actually like the guy and he’s obviously a phenomenal talent but over the last few years he’s been a bit desperate. Some huge line changes etc and chins in shoulders. It isn’t a Keirin… Ego and showmanship is a massive part of sprinting and you never want to admit that you’re not the fastest. Like in F1, always blame the car etc.

    That said he immediately admitted that he was at fault but what if Gerrans had stoved his face into the deck? It might need more than an apology if he had a brain injury. Would you wanna sprint against a guy who pulls that stuff?


    I think when he knows he isn’t going to win he tries to create a bit of drama as a diversion.

    You should be careful JCL, Cav might try and sue you: Mark Cavendish is considering legal action after a rival rider accused him of “crashing on purpose” at the climax of stage one of the Tour de France.

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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