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  • Caught speeding today 130mph+
  • I’ll send the payment via PP and my courier will come and collect the car

    Can you mark the payment as a gift rather than a purchase please 😉

    WCA. you sir, are a legend. that sure is a damn fine car.
    ps. where do you fit the bike rack?


    I once watched WCA drive some sort of Japanese screaming thing up to the YHA car park at Holmbury at about 45 mph. With two bikes hanging out of the boot.

    If you’ve parked at the YHA for a ride in the North Downs, then you’ll understand exactly what this will do to your car.

    Bike rack is the one parked nearest the garage door.

    New toy is the nearest one.

    the one in the middle is due to be rebodied

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    Don’t use brakes and don’t worry about costs


    hairdresser’s name
    hairdresser’s car

    you are he, and I claim my something for the weekend

    I woke this morning and thought about my day ahead….

    A trip out with worldclassaccident in a 600bhp car on wet roads…. what could possibly go wrong!!

    Well, surprisingly nothing did! I lived!

    That car is the monkeys nuts :-). It just makes you smile!
    The noise…
    The acceleration…
    The refinement…
    The music… (OK, Jenifer rush isn’t to everyone’s liking!)
    And of course the chat… (Between accelerations!!)

    The downside – when offered a drive, I had to decline due to not being insured… 🙁

    WCA – I’m still giggling like a girl! Thanks for the trip.


    I drove an Aston on a track and hated it; it was lumpy, heavy and the pedals were too close together. On the other hand the Ferrari 360 that I jumped into next was superb; absolutely raw and so exciting to drive hard. Got to do that again soon.


    Although most of the cars mentioned on here are pretty awesome I’d imagine most of us have nothing like the skill to get the bestout of them,
    For tooling around I’d love to have one of these:-


    Last Friday I did a Porsche track day at Silverstone and spent half a day flying around the corners as fast as I dared, it was just awesome but they wouldnt let me drive the GT4 they had, aparently the new owner wouldnt like it, boooo, hissss. still just amazing. but i think anything with an engine quickly become expensive and would bankrupt me. back to bikes.

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    Like the rebody idea
    Have you any links to details

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    whats with the hard ons for track days.. why not use race tracks for what they were intended..

    then you ll quickly realise two things.. fast cars are easy to drive at sub race speeds, slow cars need much more ability to drive at speed and that your most likely to be not a fast driver of either especially the former..


    It has lots of airbags and does 27mpg – these aren’t reasons I like it but they were mentioned earlier.

    27mpg! That sounds a little unlikely unless it’s what you get tootling along at 60mph. My Merc is only a little 2.5V6 and I average 20-21mpg with that. The only times it sees better than 27mpg is on motorway runs at moderate speed.


    Those Morgan’s do look fun – trouble is at weekend’s the factory has “open” days where you get to pay a fee and drive a Morgan around, the road by us becomes more of a racetrack than at 5pm when everyone’s knocking off! 😯

    They do one in a Ford GT40 Gulf paintjob – very classy indeed. 8)

    epicsteve – This picture is from the one I am selling (CL500 – after a trip along the M4 . I will try and get one of the new car next time I do a reasonable distance and am not playing.

    Brakes – Not really my look. I am normally somewhere between these two



    Drove an R8 briefly on a soaked track yesterday, The thing is a complete animal. Despite it hammering down I touched 100 down a tiny straight and blitzed a f430 from a hairpin, it cornered perfectly the 4 wheel drive system made everything so smooth – What a car. I’ve since spent the time looking for somewhere that does a longer track day, more than 2 laps. Can anyone help?


    Bought a Volvo XC90 last night.

    Yeah I know. Wildman.

    I’ve since spent the time looking for somewhere that does a longer track day, more than 2 laps. Can anyone help?

    Have a look on Book A Track or Javelin – you can rent an MX5 with Javelin or an R300 with BAT if you’ve got the plums. Plenty fast enough…

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