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  • Saccades

    Cheeky little bugger helped himself to a slice of pork pie – told me it was alright as he got a bowl for the crumbs.

    Seeing as know Binners will be drawn to this thread – I’ve retired the transmission, twisted the 150mm forks on a drop and the headset rattles. Have replaced with a new carbon version from germany. Which is nice.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    our eldest used to think it was fine to raid the cupboard/fridge as long as he got a plate/bowl.


    well, no lump of coal and a satsuma for him on Christmas Day then.


    My mother always used to go mad and say ‘That was for dinner!!’

    I would always reply by telling her ‘I’m having it for dinner!’


    Oh Dear – first steps to a life of crime!

    Nice mugshot! “Now turn to the right. And left”

    Your Christmas tree is a bit small…or is it very far away?

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    We have a Christmas Tree full of neatly folded chocolate foil wrappers that appear to still have chocolate inside. My 6 year old is turning into quite the master criminal…

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    Admit it – you’re secretly bursting with pride! I know I would be. Looks like the lads got his priorities well and truly sorted! 😉


    Nothing secret about it…


    That tree is in the dining room – it’s a bit small to start off with.


    well it IS a pie
    good work lad 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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