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  • Cats missing teeth
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    just noticed that both our two year olds seem to be missing most of the little teeth from between their fangs? To be honest i have never looked before so have no idea how common this is. The cats don’t seem bothered, just curious if it might mean something else though.

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    they’ve taken up smoking crack?

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    maybe a form of gingivitis, my cat lost most of her front teeth, including the fangs.
    She still has her back teeth, as you can hear her crunch on the biscuits (or the dogs food).
    She lost hers years ago and she 10 or so now, still going strong.

    Might be worth get it checked out by the vets to limit any health problems.

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    Not wanting to sound patronising but, are you sure they’re gone? They do tend to be very short/stumpy.

    If they are missing, check the rest of the cats gums – if they are bright red, especially close to the teeth that may indicate an underlying problem such as viral disease. Are they vaccinated?

    If the gums are a nice pale pink colour, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

    Most likely nothing to worry about but, as ever, check with your own vet if any doubts.

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