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  • Cateye single shot plus?
  • Has anyone used this?
    I know about the dx light but as i am trying to get my mother inlaw to buy this there is no way she would get something from hong kong plus dilivery would take to long.
    Any way what are poeples experiance of the cateye? It will be used for unlit roads on the commute which is up to an hour each way.

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    I've got one which I've used for the past 2 years.

    As a commuting light it's been excellent. I use it on the flashing mode, it has quite a wide lens and as a result throws the light well to make me seen on lit roads. Been happy with the battery burn time too, in that it hardly ever need charging (I have a 20 min each way commute). Even when the battery is low (there is a little red indicator which comes on at the side of the lens) it's still been bright.

    I also used it for the Strathpuffer (and night training rides) back in 2008, so have some experience on unlit tracks, and would say it was only adequate for that kind of stuff.

    If you can get one for a good price and don't need it for doing anything technical then I would definitely recommend it.


    I had one and really liked the light part (plenty bright and good running and charging times) but the bracket let it down badly- it didn't hold it tightly enough so after a while the light started banging about a lot, breaking off bits of the mounting rails which let it bang about more etc. etc. Common problem apparently, shame as the light was great- maybe Cateye have done something about it now?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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