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  • funnyoldgirl

    They are crap!
    My site guys have them at work. Whilst they are robust, it doesn’t run on the best android and has so many glitches. The inbuilt memory is very limited and the amount of apps that cannot be transferred to the sd card means you can’t really have many on there at all before it’s full.


    Anyone got one of these?

    Seems to tick all the boxes for me. As only use my phone for calls and the odd bit of surfing.
    Some reviews I’ve read state it’s a bit iffy with gps which I use for sat nav duties.

    Any one used one of can suggest an alternative?



    Blackview BV6000 , 32gb internal memory , 3gb ROM ,android 6, gorilla glass 3 ,dustproof/waterproof/shockproof. About the same size as the Cat S30.

    I’ve had mine for just under 12 months now and only had one rebooting problem where the screen gave me 5choices in Chinese .I just held the power button down and it came back fine.

    Sat nav works well on it and I took loads of pics of the kids whilst in the water on hols last year. Its a bit of a lump weight wise but I got it because I’m a ham fisted fool with mobile phones and so far I haven’t managed to break it.

    There’s a 16gb/2gb version that’s a bit cheaper.


    Terrible phone, work gave me one to replace the S5 mini I dropped . Even though the camera was rated the same as the Samsung it was bobbins & I found it really unintuitive to use. Lot’s of people in our Company had them & they were hated accross the board. Thankfully I got the screen on my Samsung replaced.

    I second the crap motion!


    Looks likei will steer clear then.

    Can grab a Samsung A3 for ~ £110 whichseems pretty good..

    I’ve got an S50 and it’s fine – yes, the GPS is a bit iffy and yes, it’s a fairly basic smartphone.

    However, I can pretty much do all the browsing and app using that I want to do, when I haven’t got my Galaxy Note 5 out in the rain, dirt and gloop. I’ve used it as a sat nav a fair few times.

    My mate chucked it across the pub to check it’s toughness when I first got it – I sometimes drop it onto my steel toecap boots and toe poke it into the mud when lads on site ask if it’s any good.

    The screen still scratches like anything else, but it does what it says on the tin

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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