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  • This greeted me when I got up this morning…. 🙄

    “Your presentation is excellent. But this is a very confused dish – the shrews with the mouse, I get. A classic combination. But the catnip mouse? I think you’ve got one too many flavours in there.”


    not enough stoat.

    I may be wrong but I’ve a feeling you are not feeding your cat regularly enough :o)

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    If you had a real cat, I would expect to see at least one Doberman in there. 😀


    no stoat please


    have you ever consider getting a collar with bells on it ?

    for the cat that is


    How come they’re all intact? Mine usually leaves me half-mice…

    Good presentation skills
    This is more usual standard

    First attempt at posting a photo so it may go wrong
    Why no preview?


    is that picture life size? 😯

    Strangelove, I think that if your cat is leaving you “presents” like that, you should be worried. Your cat is obviously a “made” member of the cat mafia :0) If you ever find a stickleback, leave the country before you end up sleeping with the fishes ;0)


    I’m more used to feeling of cold mouse offal squeezing between my toes as I step foot in the kitchen. 🙁

    [followed immediately by all the cats trying for the cat flap simultaneously]


    We had 2 rats last weekend on 2 different days, but I’ve never seen them bring back 4 or 5 in a single night! That’s impressive.


    When my old cat was getting up in years he used to proudly strut in showing off what he’d just ‘caught’. Sadly it was always something that hadn’t required a lot of ‘catching’ as it would be long, long dead. Usually pulsating with maggots and composed mostly of stinking grey zombie flesh.

    In the summer if I slept with the window open he’d bring in his catch and gently place it on my pillow while I slept.


    And when I was very young we had an adopted farm cat that would go out on massacre missions and in the morning we’d find his ‘tally’ neatly arranged in rows on the doormat, is size order – shrews and mice at one end, ducks and crows at the other.

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    No rat and it needs a twist of lemming.


    Oh bless! The time and dedication it took to create such an artistic platter for you!


    I think the best one our cat managed was when we’d just put up the Christmas tree. Rather than leaving her catch in the kitchen as she normally did, she walked into the dining room, mewed at us with her mouth full, and placed a nice fresh mouse under the Christmas tree for us…


    you really don’t want your cat to bring back a stoat!!!!

    It took effing days to get rid of the stench!!!!

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    2 cats with different abilities, 1st 1 once brought me a stale piece of french bread, He was mewing and ever so proud of himself.

    2nd 1 is a small pyschopathic monster (think Begbie out of Trainspotting)who regularly brings back shrews/toads/mice/birds/rats etc but his best effort was a squirrel! He suffers from cerebellar hypolplasia which means his coordination isn’t great, ie when he runs his back legs try and overtake his front ones and he falls over a lot. I have no idea how he manages it

    ours can drag a full grown rabbit up a 3 ft wall, op a further 3 ft of wooden railing/fence, then another 3 ft up onto the wall, allong the wall, accross next doors roof (45deg sloping), accros the 2 ft gap to the flat roof, up to the window level, and in through the cat flap.

    He’s scared of nothing appart from badgers (psycotic fkers they are). But is bizarly unteritorial, he’ll watch other strays come and go occasionaly, they only seem to pass through for a few months bt he never fights them off?

    Cats often let others pass through their territory unmolested as long as they are just passing through. I think they hold their tail up in a certain way to show other cats that is what they are doing.
    I am sure if your cat spotted a stray trying to hunt it would be another story

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