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  • Castle Combe Road Race (winning content) :-)
  • I won my first race today! 😀

    I have always been nervous about road racing but today I raced at Castle Combe in the Cat 4’s and being only my second ever road race I thought if I could come away with a few points I would be really chuffed.

    For the whole race I stayed in the 10 ten, helped chase down attacks, even tried a break with other riders! Coming into the last corner I was in a good position in 5th and a small gap opened when every on started moving right and I just launched a massive attack from about 350/ 400 yards out. Thankfully I managed to hold everyone off and won by about 10 bike lengths. I have never won anything in bike racing before and it is such a good feeling. Very happy at the moment. 😀

    No point to this thread other than wanting to share!

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    Well done fella, I bet it was windy and cold there today.



    Well done you.


    Good for you! Now stop mincing about in 4th Cat.


    Top man. My road race today was a very different story.

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    Congrats! 🙂


    Excellent, well done. If I recollect, if you win a cat4, you get automatically promoted to 3rd cat. (may not be right)

    Correct Pooley. You need 10 points to be promoted and that’s what you get for the win.

    Really wanted my 3rd cat so I can race the Winchester Criterium in August as I used to live there. Will be entering tonight. 🙂

    Premier Icon gary

    Nice one – I thought about going to that race after puncturing out of the Ludgershall race yesterday but felt shite when I woke up so knocked it on the head.

    My desire to grab a cat 3 license has been reinvigorated by the Winchester crit too, but I have 9 points to go!


    On a different note, here’s one of our boys getting taken out in the final seconds at Ilton on Saturday…


    He was bang on to get 3rd as well.

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    Good one chap. Used to love racing at Castle Combe, never won but I did once chase down any attack so my best mate could win the sprint, which he did

    Gratuitous shot of me sprinting for the line! 😀

    That’s Awesome Steve! well done!!

    Cavendish had better watch his back! Well done!

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    That looks like a runway?


    Good stuff! What kind of training do you do?


    Realman,I was not far behind that tumble, not sure he was ‘Taken out’ Was difficult to see quite what went on there


    Like ormondroyd I would be quite interested to know what training you do, how many miles do you cover in a week and how long was the race?

    Training wise I use training peaks which is based on the Joe Friel Training Bible and training between 10 – 15 hours a week. You put in your goals and it generates a training schedule for you for what you need to do that week, whether it’s Speed, Mucsular endurance, strength etc. You then pick workouts based on you weaknesses whilst maintaining your strengths.

    It’s strucutred to 4 week blocks from Base 1,2 & 3 to Build 1,2 then peak then race. I’m currently in the build 1 period so have just started doing some speed and threshold work. Previously I was doing a lot of muscular endurance as I know that’s a weak part of my cycling.

    I am not doing a lot of miles really as it’s all based on the longest race I intend to do so I am building up to 50/ 60 mile races. I am also doing TT’s so have been doing lots of long threshold workouts on my rollers.

    I’m lucky as I ride in a club with strong riders so I’m forever improving and if I’m honest I found the race relatively easy. It was helped by the fact that I surprised the pack by going long too. I’m sure moving up a Cat won’t be so easy though. Tempted to ride in the E123 rather than Cat3 only as that will improve my speed more.


    Good one!
    I raced at Castle Coombe once many years ago, but it was too fast and flat for me and I got dropped in the final laps.

    Premier Icon composite

    Well done fella, good for you! 🙂

    Well done again, that’s a massive gap you won by! 🙂 Is castle combe not a crit?

    How many times a week/month are you racing?

    well done to you 🙂

    How many times a week/month are you racing?

    I’ll be racing TT’s on tuesday nights starting in 3 weeks time and RR/ Crits/ TT’s at the weekends throughout the season. Still need to complete my calender though. There’s also a 6 race Summer CX series at the end of May too.

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