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  • Miki

    So i’ve just got my new xc race wheels, but i’m looking to keep them just for racing. ie using the other wheels for training and trail centres etc.
    I’ve yet to buy a cassette for the new wheels, but i’m unsure as to what else i will need to budget for.
    I presume i will need a new chain, but can i still use the old cassette on the old wheels with the old chain, or am i best getting a new cassette for it too and using the one chain?
    I’m trying to do it as cost affectively as possible so i’d like to just buy one new chain and one new cassette, but i’m not sure what affect changing between old and new would have on the chainrings up front.
    Any advice much appreciated.
    A bit of background info;
    The current wheels/cassette/chain are from around 2003 if i remember correctly, but had a period of 3 or so years unused, and i’m not exactly a powerful rider. They’re obviously worn a bit but i don’t have any problems with the chain slipping.

    elaine anne

    buy new…. you need chainrings cassette, chain, (renew them all at the same time…
    ive just renewed all mine.. its worth buying an extra chain too, so you can keep swapping the chains around ..less wearing on ya drivetrain.. 😉


    For racing last year i had a ‘good’ cassette and ‘good’ chain that i only used for events. One season my first race i ended up snapping a chain while flying at the front so didn’t want that to happen again……didn’t see the front of the field much after that mind you 😆

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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