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  • bikeneil

    8,9&10 free hubs are the same width. Only 7 is narrower.


    Is it a road bike ?
    If it is the small spacer between the cassette and the freehub body can be removed
    Don’t take any spacers from between the cogs.

    Oh and some dura ace and ultegra stuff will only work with dura ace / ultehta cassettes
    But current stuff should be fine

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Some wheels (Mavics I think, for example) need the spacer on the inside, others don’t.. sounds like you have a hub that doesn’t need it.


    Hi thanks for the above, it’s not a road bike, the cassette is going from a mavic hub to a shimano one…


    So swapping a cassette from my old wheelset onto my new (secondhand) wheels and the 10 speed cassette doesn’t fit on, there’s a spacer about half way through the sprockets and one on the inside of the large sprocket
    Is it just a case of removing one if these spacers and if so which one.?
    Presumably the one closest to the large sprocket?
    Can anyone confirm…
    Is this because its a 8/9 speed freehub….
    Will it work?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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