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  • Carrera Blast 20″ – Replacement Tyre question
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    Total newb here – Was just about to buy a new Islabike for 6.5 yr old son for silly money, when i spotted a VGC Carrera Blast for £50 for sale a mile away…quick read-up on here to sanity check it looks good (pretty good reviews), and just bought it this morning.

    Only issue is the rear tyre is pretty bald…the current tyre is is a Vee Tyres Junior Crown GEM 20 x 2.25″.

    Can any one point me to a suitable, and relatively inexepensive alternative?
    I see lots of 20″ BMX and smooth tyres but not so many Mtb…and can’t find anything 2.25 wide…does that matter??


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    Stick one of these on it.

    Nnot used these but must be decent for a kid 20″x1.9 £10.99

    20″x1.75 good tyre though £8.99

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    20″ Rocket Rons were always very light I seem to remember although a bit more expensive than the ones above.

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    LittleGinge has 20×2.00 continental cross kings on his carera abyss and seems to get on fairly well with them. Might be a little tricky to find in stock in the UK just now.

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    Schwalbe mow joe – 300g a tyre. I saved 600g off my lads 20″ wheeled bike switching the tyres. Ebay – £25 a pair

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    Many Thanks for all the quick feedback – really appreciated!

    And im sorry for all the naive questions

    So – it doesn matter if i put 1.75″ conti explorers (they are 7.99 on CRC) to replace the current 2.25 inch tyres?

    The front 2.25 tyre is fine…i assume there is no drama having a different (narrower) rear?
    (or i could replace both)

    We will be doing (as all kids i assume) a mix of on/off road – mainly trail and rural track / road.
    So does that have any bearing on what i buy ie it would be great it if they were also quite fast on tarmac…or am i over thinking it for a £50 bike for a 6 yr old?!!

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    Iv’e got a brand new pair of Kenda Smallblock 8 tyres in the shed you can have.
    they are 20×1.75.

    They were for my lads bike, but got a pair of Schwalbe black jacks from one of my mates, so they are just taking up space.
    I’m happy to donate them to the cause of getting kids out on bikes,

    If you message me your address, I will post them out to you, Unless you are near to Lancaster and want to collect them?

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    Thats super generous of you – so kind!
    i will drop you a message next

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